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Die Walküre Libretto
English Translation


Siegmund, Sieglinde

The interior of a living room. In the middle stands the trunk of a mighty ash, whose strongly raised roots are largely lost in the soil; from its top the tree is divided by a timbered roof, which is cut through so that the trunk and the branches extending to all sides pass through exactly corresponding openings; the leafy treetop is believed to spread over this roof. A hall is now built around the trunk of the tree, as the center. the walls are made of rough-sawn woodwork, here and there draped with woven and woven blankets. To the right in the foreground stands the hearth, whose chimney sweeps sideways to the roof: behind the herd is an inner room, like a storehouse, to which one climbs on some wooden steps: in front of it, half-folded, a plaited ceiling. In the background an entrance door with a simple wooden bar. On the left, the door to an inner chamber, to which steps also lead up; farther on, on the same side, is a table with a broad bench against the wall behind it, and wooden stools in front of it

A short orchestral audition of violent, stormy movement initiates. When the curtain rises, Siegmund hastily opens the front door from the outside and enters: it is towards evening, a strong thunderstorm, about to lay down. Siegmund holds the bolt in his hand for a moment, surveying the living room: he seems exhausted by excessive effort; his robe and appearance show that he is on the run. Since he does not see anyone, he closes the door behind him, walks toward the stove, and throws himself exhausted on a blanket of bearskin

Wes Herd this is, here I have to rest.
He sinks back and remains stretched motionless for some time. Sieglinde emerges from the door of the inner chamber; she believed her husband had returned home: her serious expression is then astonished when she sees a stranger stretched out at the hearth

still in the background
A strange man? I have to ask him.
She takes a few steps closer
Who came into the house and lies there at the stove?
Since Siegmund does not move, she steps closer and looks at him
He is tired, from Weges Müh'n.
Do the senses disappear? Would he be pregnant?
She leans down to him and listens
His breath is still swelling; he only closed the eye. -
The man seems brave, he sinks tiredly too.

drives abruptly with the head in the air
A source! A source!

I can do refreshment.
She quickly takes a drinking horn and goes out of the house. She comes back and hands the filled drinking horn Siegmund
I offer refreshment to the thirsty palate:
Water as you wanted.
Siegmund drinks and hands her the horn back. As he waves her thanks to the head, his gaze sticks with increasing participation in their faces

Cooling refreshment gave me the source,
He made it easy for the weary burden:
refreshed is the courage
the eye pleases the sight of blissful pleasure.
Who is it that so refreshes me?

This house and this woman are Hunding's own;
hospitably he gives you rest: wait, till he returns home!

I am without arms:
your husband will not fight the wounded guest.

with anxious haste
The wounds point me fast!

shakes and jumps briskly from the camp to the seat
They are little, not worthy of speech;
limbs still attach themselves to the body.
Had half as strong as my arm
Shield and spear held to me,
I never fled the enemy,
but spear and shield shattered me.
The enemy mob hounded me tired,
Thunderstorm broke my body;
but faster, than I the pack,
tiredness disappeared:
sank on the eyelids to me night;
the sun is laughing at me now.

goes to the store, fills a horn with mead and passes it Siegmund with friendly emotion
Sweetness of the sweet mead
do not you begrudge me.

Did you taste it for me?

Sieglinde sips the horn and hands it to him again. Siegmund does a long pull, fixing his eyes on her with increasing warmth. So he sets the horn down and lets it sink slowly, while the expression of his expression passes into strong emotion. He sighs deeply and lowers his eyes somberly to the ground

in a trembling voice
A wretched one you labtest:
Misuse the desire of you!
He quickly sets off to leave
I rested and rested sweetly.
Next I turn the step.
he goes to the back

vividly turning around
Who is hounding you, that you are already fleeing?

shackled by her call, she turns again; slow and gloomy
Missurnance follows me wherever I go;
Missing turns me where I incline. -
You, woman, but stay away!
Fort I turn my foot and look.
He walks quickly to the door and lifts the latch

in vehement self-forgetting him
So stay here!
Do not you bring disaster,
where evil lives in the house!

Siegmund remains deeply shocked; he conducts research in Sieglinde's face; she turns her eyes down, bashful and sad. Long silence

Wehwalt I was called myself:
I want to expect Hunding.

He leans against the stove; his eyes are firmly and resolutely engaged in Sieglinde; she slowly raises her eyes to him again. Both look at each other in long silence with the expression of deepest emotion in the eyes

The previous ones, Hunding

Sieglinde suddenly gets up, listens and listens to Hunding, who leads his horse out to the stable. She hurries to the door and opens; Hunding, armed with shield and spear, enters and stops under the door as he watches Siegmund. Hunding turns to Sieglinde with a serious questioning look

winking at Hunding
Tired at the hearth, I found the man:
Not leads him into the house.

You rapped him?

The palate I last him, hospitably cares I be his!

the calm and firm Hunding watched
Roof and potion thanks' I her:
do you want to scold your wife?

Holy is my hearth: -
Holy be my house!
He puts down his weapons and hands them over to Sieglinde. To Sieglinde
Prepare the meal for us men!
Sieglinde hangs the weapons on the branches of the stem of the ash, then she brings food and drink from the store and prepares the supper on the table. Involuntarily, she again fixes her eyes on Siegmund. Hunding measures sharply and astonished Siegmund's features, which he compares to those of his wife; for themselves
How does he look like a woman!
The glistening worm shines out of his eyes as well.
he holds his astonishment and turns to Siegmund as impartially
Come on, come, you came the way;
a horse did not ride, the rest found here:
What terrible paths caused you pain?

Through forest and meadow, heath and grove,
chased me storm and strong distress:
I do not know the way I came.
Where I was wrong, I know even less:
I like that customer.

at the table and Siegmund the seat bidding
The roof covers you, the house harbors you,
Hunding is called the host;
turn from here you step west,
in farms rich there live clans,
guard the Hundings honor.
Grant me my honor,
his name is now called me.

Siegmund, who sits down at the table, looks thoughtfully to himself. Sieglinde, who sits next to Hunding, opposite Siegmund, tightens her eye with striking interest and suspense

the two are watching
Are you worried about trusting me,
the woman here give customer:
see how greedy she asks you!

impartial and sympathetic
Guest, who you are, I would like to know.

looks up, sees her in the eye and starts seriously
I am not allowed to call Friedmund;
Gladwalt I would like to be:
but I have to call myself Wehwalt.
Wolfe, that was my father;
I was born to two,
a twin sister and me.
Early on, my mother and Maid disappeared.
Who bore me and who hid them with me,
I've hardly ever known her.
Wearable and strong was Wolfe;
the enemies grew a lot to him.
For hunting, the old man moved with the boy:
From Hetze and Harst we once returned:
there the wolf's nest lay empty.
Burned to rubble the prancing hall,
to the stump of the oak flowering trunk;
slain the mother's courageous body,
disappeared in gluten the sister track:
we created the hardship
the envy people hard.
Outlawed the old man fled with me;
the boy lived for many years
with Wolfe in the wild forest:
many hunts were made on them;
but the wolf couple bravely resisted.
turned to Hunding
A Wölfing tells you that,
as well known to some as "Wölfing".

Miracles and wild things you announce, daring guest,
Wehwalt - the Wölfing!
It seems to me, from the fortunate couple
I heard dark legend,
I do not even know Wolfe and Wölfing.

But tell further, stranger:
Where is your father now?

A strong hunt on us the envious people:
the hunter many fell to the wolves,
in flight through the forest
she drove the game.
The enemy destroyed us like chaff.
But I was scattered by the father;
I lost track of him the longer I researched:
a wolf's fur only
I met in the forest;
it was empty before me, I did not find the father.
From the forest it drove me away;
It urges me to men and women.
How much I met, where I found her,
whether I wooed 'friend' to women,
but always I was ostracized:
Misfortune was on me.
What right I ever advised others, it seemed bad,
what always seemed bad to me,
others gave him favor.
In feud, I fell where I found myself
Anger hit me wherever I went;
if I belong to delight, I only wake you up ':
That's why I have to call myself Wehwalt;
I am only in charge of woe.

He looks up at Sieglinde and sees her attentive gaze

The so sorry lot you called,
the norn did not love you:
glad the man does not greet you,
the stranger as a guest you approach.

Cowardly only fear the one who drives weaponless lonely! -
Tell me, guest,
how you last lost the weapon in combat!

always lively
A sad child called me to Trutz:
wanted to marry the stomach clan
the man without minne the maiden.
Against the constraint I moved to the shelter,
the Dränger Tross I met in the fight:
the winner sank the enemy.
The brothers lay slain:
the corpses clasped the maiden,
Grim drives her away from grief.
With tears of tears she entered the whale crying:
for the murder of their own brothers
the unsel'ge bride complained.
The slain families therefore stormed;
overwhelmingly groaning for revenge;
There were enemies around the site.
But the whale did not give way to the whale;
with shield and spear I 'll shield' em long,
until Spear and Shield in Harst zerschaun me.
Wound and weaponless I stood -
I saw the damsel die:
the angry army was rushing me -
she was dead on the bodies.
with a look of painful fire on Sieglinde
Now you know, questioning woman,
why I'm not called Friedmund!

He gets up and walks towards the stove. Sieglinde looks blanching and deeply shocked to the ground

rises, very dark
I know a wild sex,
it is not holy to him,
hated it all and me.
For revenge I was called,
Atonement for tribal blood:
I arrived late, and now went home,
To spy on the fleeting wicker lane in his own house. -
He goes down
My house, Wölfing, protects you today.
I picked you up for the night;
with a strong weapon, please defend yourself tomorrow;
I pound the day for battle:
you pay customs for the dead.

Sieglinde proceeds with a worried gesture between the two men

Fort out of the hall! Do not fringe here!
The night-drink, prepare me and wait for my 'to rest'.

Sieglinde stands undecided and pensive for a while. She turns slowly and hesitantly to the store. There she stops again and, lost in thought, stands with her face half turned away. With a calm decision, she opens the shrine, fills a drinking horn and pours seasoning from a can of spice. Then she turns her eyes to Siegmund to meet his gaze, which he keeps pinning on her. She watches Hunding's peeking and immediately turns to the bedchamber. On the steps, she turns around once more and, with longing eyes and eyes on Siegmund, points with her eyes steadily and with speaking certainty to a spot on Eschenstamme. Hunding drives up and drives her to leave with a violent gesture. With a last look at Siegmund, she walks into the bedroom and closes the door behind her

take down his weapons from the tribe
The man fights with weapons.
In going to Siegmund turning
I meet you Wölfing tomorrow;
You heard my word, beware!

He goes with his arms into the room; you can hear him close the latch from the inside

Siegmund, Sieglinde

Siegmund alone. It has become completely night; the hall is lit only by a faint fire in the hearth. Siegmund settles on the camp, close to the fire, and broods silently for a while in great inner agitation

A sword promised me the father,
I find it in dire need.
Without weapons, I fell into enemy's house;
his revenge pledge, I raced here: -
I saw a woman, happy and dear:
delightful anxiety consumes my heart.
To which I now longs for,
who loves me with sweet magic,
in coercion she keeps the man,
who sneers at me defenseless!
Volsa Volsa Where is your sword?
The strong sword,
that in the storm I sway,
breaks out of my chest,
What angry heart still holds?
The fire collapses; suddenly, a glaring light from the spraying embers falls on the place of the stem of the ash, which Sieglinde's gaze had marked and at which one now clearly sees a sword-grip clinging
What is there bright in the mica light?
What a ray breaks out of the ash tree trunk?
The blind eye shines a lightning bolt:
the look laughs funny.
How the light of heart shivers on me!
Is it the look of the flowering woman,
who left her behind,
when she left the room?
from here the hearth fire gradually glows
Nocturnal darkness covered my eye,
her gaze ray brushed me there:
I gained warmth and day.
Blessed was the sun's light;
the crown of my head glared over her bright shine
until behind mountains she sank.
A new faint appearance of the fire
Once again, as she divorced,
met me in the evening her appearance;
even the old ash tree trunk
gleamed in golden glow:
the blossom bleaches, the light goes out;
night darkness covers my eye:
deep in the bosom of mountains only lightless glowing embers.

The fire is completely extinguished: full night. The side room opens quietly: Sieglinde, in white robe, steps out and walks quietly, but quickly, toward the stove

Are you sleeping, guest?

jumping up in surprise
So who is sneaking?

with mysterious haste
It's me: listen to me!
Hunding is in deep sleep;
I spice it an anesthetic potion:
use the night for your salvation!

hurriedly interrupting
Heil makes me your nah'n!

A weapon let me show you: o if you win her!
The dearest hero I should call you:
alone she was determined to be the strongest.
O notice what I tell you!
The men clan sat here in the hall,
loaded by Hunding for the wedding:
he frees a woman,
the unasked thief gave it to the woman.
I sat sad while they drank;
a stranger came in:
an old man in a blue robe;
his hat hung low,
he covers him with the eyes of one;
but the other ray, fear created it all,
the men met his mighty threshing:
alone woke my eye
sweetly yearning Harm,
Tears and comfort at the same time.
He looks at me and flashes at those
when a sword in his hands he swung;
that he now encountered in the ash tree trunk,
right up to the book it sticks in it:
the steel should be taut,
the one from the tribe hesitates.
The men all, bold as they struggled,
nobody won the weir;
Guests came and guests went,
the strongest pulled on the steel
no customs escaped the tribe:
There the sword is silent in silence. -
I knew who he was,
who greeted me grumpy; I know, too,
to whom alone in the tribe he determines the sword.
O would I find him here and today, the friend;
He came from strangers to the poorest woman.
What ever I suffered in grim suffering,
what ever hurts me in shame and shame,
sweetest revenge then atoned for everything!
I would have hunted what ever I lost,
whatever I weep would have been won,
I find the holy friend,
embrace the hero's arm!

with glow Sieglinde comprising
Blessed lady keeps the friend,
destined for the weapon and the wife!
Hot in the chest, the oath burns,
who marries me noble you.
Whatever I longed, I saw in you;
I found in you what I ever missed!
Did you have disgrace
and hurt me;
was I ostracized, and were you dishonored:
Joyful revenge now laughs the glad!
I laugh in holy pleasure,
I embrace you in honor
I feel your beating heart!

The big door opens

jumps startled and breaks free
Ha, who went? Who came in?

The door remains wide open: outside, beautiful spring night; The full moon shines in and throws its bright light on the couple, who can suddenly perceive in full clarity

in a quiet ecstasy
No one left - but one came:
look, the Lenz laughs in the hall!
Siegmund gently draws Sieglinde to the camp so she can sit beside him, Growing brightness of the moonlight
Winter storms gave way
the sun moon,
in a mild light the Lenz shines;
light and lovely on linden trees,
Wonders wonders he weighs himself;
through the woods and meadows his breath blows,
his eyes open wide open laughs: -
from sel'ger Vöglein Sange sweet he sounds,
he breathes sweet scents;
blooming flowers bloom in his warm blood
Sprout and sprout springs from its power.
With delicate weapons ornament he conquers the world;
Winter and storm gave way to the strong weir:
probably had to strike the brave
the strict door also soften,
the defiant and rigid us separated from him. -
He swung himself to his sister;
Love lured Lenz:
in our bosom they hid themselves deeply;
now she blissfully laughs the light.
The bridal sister freed the brother;
smashed lies what ever they separated:
cheering, the young couple greet each other:
Love and Lenz are united!

You are the Lenz I demanded
in frosty winters deadline.
My heart greeted me with holy gray,
when your gaze blossomed first.
I only ever saw something strange,
I was blithely close.
As if I had never known it, whatever was mine came.
But I know you clearly and clearly:
when my eye saw you,
were you my own;
what in the bosom I hid, what I am,
bright as day, it turns up to me
Oh, how sound came to my ear,
as in frosty stranger stranger
first I saw the friend.

She hugs his neck with delight and looks him close to his face

with enthrallment
Oh sweetest bliss!
O blessed woman!

close to his eyes
O let me lean in close to you,
that bright I look the sheer gleam,
that breaks you from the eye and the face
and sweet as the senses force me.

In Lenzesmond you shine bright;
dear, the wave hair surrounds you:
I'll easily guess what's taking me
because my eyes graze wondrously.

slaps the curls from his forehead and looks at him in astonishment
How your forehead is so open,
the veins swirl branches in the temples!
I am relieved to see the delight that delights me!
A miracle wants to remind me:
that's the first time I look,
my eye already saw you!

A Minnetraum also reminds me:
in hot sinew I saw you already!

In the stream I see my own picture -
and now I'll see it again:
as once the pond escapes,
offer my picture me now you!

You are the picture
I hid in myself.

turning away quickly
O still! Let me listen to the voice:
I think, their sound
I hear as a child.
No, no! I heard her the other day,
as my voice sound
The forest echoed to me.

O loveliest sounds,
which I am listening to!

looking him in the eye again
Your eye's glow gleamed already:
so the old man looked at me in greeting
when the sad man gave comfort.
At the look his child recognized him -
already I want to call him by name!
She pauses and then continues quietly
Wehwalt are you really called?

Not my name since you love me:
now I walt the greatest blessings!

And you may Friedmund
glad you do not call me?

Call me you, how you love me, that my name is:
I take the name from you!

But did you call Wolfe the father?

A wolf he was cowardly foxes!
But the eye was so proud,
how, glorious, heightens you,
that was: - named Wälse.

Was Wälse your father, and are you a Wälsung,
he thrust his sword into the trunk for you,
so let me call you, as I love you:
Siegmund - that's what I call you!

jump on the trunk and grasp the sword grip
Siegmund is my name and Siegmund is me!
Show it this sword, which I hold without a beat!
Wälse promised me, in dire need
I would find it once: I can handle it now!
Most holy minne highest distress,
yearning love, very hardship
burning me in the chest,
urges action and death:
Notung! Notung! That's what I call you, sword -
Notung! Notung! Envious steel!
Show your sharp-cutting tooth:
out of the vagina to me!
He pulls the sword out of the trunk with a tremendous twitch and shows it to the Sieglinde, who are struck by wonder and delight
Siegmund, the Wälsung, you see, woman!
As a bridal gift he brings this sword:
that's how he's freeing himself
the blessed woman;
He kidnaps you like that in the enemy's house.
Far away from here follow me,
away in the Lenzes laughing house:
there, notation protects you, the sword,
if Siegmund succumbed to you lovingly!

He included her to take her away with her

breaks away from him in the highest drunkenness and faces him
Are you Siegmund, whom I see here,
I am Sieglinde, who longs for you:
your own sister
you win the sword!

Bride and sister are you the brother -
so bloom, Wälsungen-Blut!

He draws her with angry fervor; she sinks to his chest with a scream. The curtain falls quickly


Wild rock mountains In the background, a gorge rises from below, which leads to a raised rocky outcrop; from this the ground descends to the foreground again downwards


Wotan, Brünnhilde as Valkyrie, later Fricka Wotan, armed with weapons, with the spear; before him Brünnhilde, as a Valkyrie, also in full armor

Now tame your horse, traveling maiden!
Soon fierce quarrel breaks out:
Brünnhilde storms to fight,
the windfall is a victory for them!
Hunding choose who he belongs to;
He's not good for Valhall.
Drumy and fast, ride to the whale!

shouting from rock to rock jumping up the mountain to the right
Hojotoho! Hojotoho!
Heiaha! Heiaha! Hojotoho! Heiaha!
She stops on a high crag, looks down the back ravine and calls back to Wotan
I advise you, Father, equip yourself;
You shall bear tough storm.
Fricka is approaching, your wife,
in the car with the Aries team.
Hei! How the golden scourge swings it!
The poor animals groan in fear;
wild rattle the wheels;
Angry, she drives to the Zank!
I do not like to quarrel in such ostriches,
I also love brave men battle!
See how the storm is made up:
I'm Funny, I'll let you down!
Hojotoho! Hojotoho!
Heiaha! Heiaha!

Brünnhilde disappears behind the mountain. In a carriage with two rams, Fricka from the ravine on the rock yoke arrives, where she stops quickly and gets out. She strides fiercely toward Wotan

Seeing Fricka approaching, for herself
The old storm, the old trouble!
But I have to stand here!

the closer she gets, the more moderate she is to step forward and stand down with dignity before Wotan
Where in the mountains you are,
the wife's gaze to escape
lonely here I'm looking for you,
that help you promise me.

What Fricka cares, she proclaims.

I heard Hunding's distress,
For revenge he called me:
the marriage guardian heard him
Prohibited severely punish the deed
the naughty couple,
that boldly offended the husband.

What made the couple so bad?
Lovingly united the Lenz?
The Minne Spell delighted her:
who will give me the minne power?

How foolish and deaf you imagine
as if you did not know,
that to the marriage holy oath,
the hard-boiled, I complain!

Unholy, I take the oath,
the unloving one unites;
and I really do not want to
that with compulsion I hold what you are not liable for:
because where bold forces are stirring,
I advise you openly to the war.

Are you paying tribute to the marriage break,
so go on and praise it sacred,
that bloodshed blooms
the union of a twin!
My heart shudders, my brain is dizzy:
bridal the sister embraced the brother!
When was it experienced
that siblings loved each other?

Today you have experienced it!
Experience what comes of itself,
never happened before.
That they love each other shines brightly;
Therefore, listen to honest advice:
Should sweet lust be worth your blessing to you,
so bless, laugh of love,
Siegmunds and Sieglinde's League!

bursting into the highest indignation
So it is with the eternal gods,
since you witnessed the wild tumors?
I say it out; - did I hit the point?
Nothing matters to the Hymn of the Holy Family;
thou throwest all things that ye once respected;
Tear the ties that bound you,
release the laughing of the sky imprisonment: -
that according to your mood only walte
this scorning twins,
Your unfaithful undecided fruit!
Oh, what am I to marriage and oath,
because you yourself are the first to harm her!
Your faithful wife is always dripping;
where a depth, where a height,
your eyes peeked,
as the change of desire you gewännest
and sneering my heart hurt.
Mournful mind I have to endure
did you go to battle with the bad girls,
the wild minne bunch gave birth to you:
because you still shun your wife like that,
that the Valkyries flock
and Brünnhilde herself, your wish, bride,
in obedience the mistress gave you.
But now, there you new
Liked names,
as "Wälse" wolfish in the forest you wander;
now, since too low
Shame on you,
common people to create a couple:
now the wolf's throw
Do you throw your wife at your feet?
So do it! Fill the mass!
The Betrogne also crush!

Did not you learn anything, do I want to teach you,
what you can never recognize,
eh 'did not hear the act.
Always familiar you only like to understand:
but what never happened
after that my mind strives.
One thing! Need a hero,
the, single divine protection,
Loosen from the law of the gods.
So only he works to act the act,
who, how dread the gods,
to deny God the power to act.

With a deep meaning you want to deceive me:
what great things heroes should ever work,
that their gods would be denied,
whose favor only works in them?

You do not pay attention to your own courage?

Who breathed in people?
Who brightened the stupid ones?
In your protection, they seem strong,
through your sting they seek:
you only irritate her,
who so ew'gen you boast,
With a new ruse you want to lie to me,
through new intrigues
escape me now;
but you do not win this Wälsung:
in him I only meet you,
because through you he defies alone.

In wild suffering he grew himself:
my protection never shielded him.

So do not protect him today!
Take the sword you gave him!

The sword?

Yes, the sword,
the magic strong twitching sword,
that you gave to God the Son.

Siegmund won it
with suppressed quake
even in need.

Wotan expresses in his whole attitude from here to an ever-growing eerie, deep displeasure

eagerly continuing
You created the need,
like the envious sword.
Do you want to fool me,
who follows you day and night on the heels?
For him you struck the sword in the trunk,
you promise him the noble weir:
do you want to deny it,
that only your cunning
lured him where he found it?

Wotan starts up with a grim gesture

more and more secure, as she preserves the impression she made on Wotan
Nobles do not argue with unfree
the wrongdoer punishes only the free.
Resist your strength
I am probably at war:
but Siegmund succumbed to me as a servant!
New violent gestures Wotan, then sink into the feeling of his powerlessness
He who belongs to you as a gentleman and
ought his eternal husband to obey him?
Shall I dishonor the lowest in shame,
the cheek,
the free for ridicule?
My spouse can not want that
he does not desecrate the goddess like that!

What do you demand?

Leave the Wälsung!

in a subdued voice
He goes his way.

But you do not protect him,
when the avenger calls him to battle!

I do not protect him.

Look into my eye, do not think Trug:
the Valkyrie also turns from him!

The Valkyrie is free.

Oh no; She accomplishes her will alone:
forbid Siegmund's victory!

breaking out into violent inner struggle
I can not cut it: he found my sword!

Remove the magic from it, crush it with the servant!
Defenseless, look at him the enemy!

still invisible from the height
Heiaha! Heiaha! Hojotoho!

There comes your daring damsel;
cheering, she chases.

as above
Heiaha! Heiaha! Heiohotojo! Hotojoha!

dull for yourself
I called her for Siegmund on horseback!

Brünnhilde appears with her steed on the rocky path on the right. As she observes Fricka, she quickly breaks off and steers her steed silently and slowly down the rocky path during the following, where she hides it in a cave

Your everlasting wife's holy honor
Shield your shield today!
Laughed at by people, lost to power,
we went gods:
would not be my honor today, and wonderful
avenged by the courageous maiden.
The Wälsung falls to my honor:
Did I take the oath from Wotan?

throwing themselves on a rock seat in terrible displeasure and inner grief
Take the oath!

Fricka walks to the background: there she meets Brünnhilde and stops in front of her for a moment

to Brünnhilde
Heervater waits for yours:
let him tell you how the lot he stewed!

She climbs in the carriage and drives off quickly. Brünnhilde, with a worried expression, appears in bewilderment at Wotan, who, leaning back on the rock-seat, with his head propped on his hand, is sunk in gloomy brooding

Brünnhilde, Wotan

Bad, I'm afraid, closed the argument,
Fricka laughed at the lot.
Father, what should your child know?
You seem cloudy and sad!

lets the arm sink powerless and drop its head back
In my own fetter I caught myself:
I unfairest of all!

I never saw you like that!
What is your heart eating?

From here, Wotan's expression and gestures increase to the most terrible outbreak
O holy disgrace! O shame Harm!
Götternot! Götternot!
Endless Grimm! Eternal grief!
The saddest of all is me!

Throws shield, spear and helmet in fright and settles down with worried confidence to Wotan's feet
Father! Father! Say, what is yours?
How do you frighten your child with worry?
Trust me! I am loyal to you:
look, Brünnhilde asks!

She lovingly and anxiously puts her head and hands on his knees and lap

you look into the eye for a long time; then he strokes her curls with involuntary tenderness. As if coming from a deep sense, he finally starts very quietly
Let me say it,
Will not I then release my will-detained prison?

Responding to him as well
For Wotan's sake, do you speak
you tell me what you want;
who am I, would not I be your will?

very quiet
What nobody tells me in words,
unspoken, it remains forever:
I only advise with me, I speak to you. -
with an even muffled, horrible voice as he gazes straight into Brünnhilde's eyes
As a young love fancy me,
demanded my courage for power:
hunted by rage wishes rage,
I won the world.
Ignorant, full of indulgence, I practice unfaithfulness
bound by treaties, which hid evil:
I was tempted by Loge,
the wandering now disappeared.
I do not want to leave love
in power I demanded minne.
The night gave birth, the feared Nibelung,
Alberic broke her covenant;
he cursed the love and won by the curse
of the Rhine shiny gold
and with it immense power.
The ring he created
I snatched from him cunningly;
but not the Rhine, I gave it back:
I paid Walhall's battlements with him,
the castle that giants built me,
from which I commanded the world now.
They all know what was once,
Erda, the whitest-wisdom Wala,
advised me against the ring,
warned of eternal end.
I want to know more about the end;
but the woman disappeared in silence ...
I lost the slight courage
it desires to know the god:
I swung myself down into the lap of the world,
with love magic I forced the Wala,
disturbs her knowledge of pride, that she stood speech to me now.
Customer I received from her;
she hid a pledge from me
the world's wisest woman
gave me, Brünnhilde, you.
I raised you with eight sisters;
through you Valkyries I will turn,
what made me want to fear the Wala:
a shameful end to the Ew'gen.
That the enemy,
I called you heroes create me:
the bosses we otherwise
kept in laws,
the men who have the courage to fight
the gang, deceptive by dull contracts
to blind obedience we bound ourselves
that should turn into a storm
and you quarrel now,
their strength provokes rude war,
that bold fighters flock
I am collecting in Walhalls hall!

We filled your room with something:
many already I lead you to.
What are you worried about, since we never lined up?

again subdued
Another thing is:
Take care, the wala warned me!
By Alberich's army
threatens us the end:
with envious grief the Niblung growls with me:
but I do not shy away from his nightly droves,
my heroes make me win.
Only if ever the ring
back he won,
then Walhall would be lost:
who cursed love, he alone
used envious of the ring runes
to all noble endless shame:
He takes courage away from the hero.
the bold ones themselves
force him to fight;
With his power he warred on me.
Worrying, I thought now myself,
to wrest the ring from the enemy.
The giant of one whom I once had
with diligent gold the diligence reverted:
Fafner guards the hoard,
he likes his brother.
I have to wrest the hoar from him,
even as inches I paid him.
But with whom I tolerated,
I can not meet him;
helpless before him my courage will yield: -
these are the ties that bind me:
who by contracts me Lord,
I am now a servant of the treaties.
Only one could, what I may not:
a hero who never helped me incline;
the stranger to the god, free of his favor,
unconscious, without a command,
out of his own misery, with his own weir
do the act that I have to shy away,
who never advised my advice to him,
she wishes only my wish!
Who, contrary to God, favors me,
the friendly enemy, how could I find him?
How do I scour the outdoors I never shielded
who in the own dream of the saddest me?
How do I do the other, not me anymore?
and worked out what I want?
O divine need! Terrible shame!
To disgust I find eternally only me
in everything that I achieve!
The other one I long for,
the other I never see:
because even the free has to succeed:
I only know my servants!

But the Wälsung, Siegmund, does he not work himself?

I pass wildly through the woods with him;
against the gods advice I boldly tempted him:
against the gods revenge
only the sword protects him,
stretched and bitter
that God's favor favored him.
How do I cunningly lie to myself?
So easy, yes Fricka deprived me of the deception:
she saw through me to the deepest shame!
I have to grant your will.

So you take victory from Siegmund?

I touched Alberich's ring,
greedily I held the gold!
The curse that I fled,
he does not flee me now:
What I love, I have to leave,
kill, whoever I am,
betraying betrayed who dares me!
Wotan's gesture changes from the expression of the most terrible pain to that of despair
Go there, imperial splendor,
divine splendor bragging shame!
Break down what I built!
I give up my work. I only want one thing:
the end,
the end! -
He stops thoughtfully
And Alberich takes care of the end!
Now I understand the dumb sense
of the wild word of the Wala:
"If love is a dark enemy
wrestling bears witness to a son
the Sel'gen end does not line! "
From the Niblung lately I heard the Mar ',
that a woman copes with the dwarf,
of the favor gold forced him:
Hate's fruit harbors a woman,
of envy circle her in the lap:
the miracle succeeded Liebelosen;
but the one I love in love,
I do not acquire the outdoors.
straightening up with bitter grimace
So take my blessing, Niblungen-son!
What deeply disgusts me, I give it to you,
the deity's vain splendor:
Zrenage greedily your envy!

Oh, tell me, what is your child supposed to do?

Fromm argues for Fricka; take care of her and Eid!
What she chose, that's me too:
what did my own will pope?
I can not want a free one:
fight for Frickas servants now!

Sore'! Repent back the word!
You love Siegmund;
I love it, I know it, I protect the Wälsung.

Should you shout Siegmund,
for Hunding champion the victory!
Take care and keep yourself strong,
all your boldness in combat:
Siegmund swings Siegmund; -
He will hardly coward you!

That you always taught me to love,
very warm
who in noble virtue is dear to the heart of you,
against me it never forces your ambiguous word!

Ha, you cheeky! Are you kidding me?
Who are you, as my will
blindly choosing freestyle?
As I met you, I sank so deeply,
that to scandal the own
I became creatures?
Do you know, child, my anger?
if ever crushing
His ray fell upon you!
In my bosom I mount the Grimm,
the one in Grau'n and Wust throws a world
who once laughed at me for pleasure:
woe to him whom he meets!
Grief proves his defiance!
That's why I advise you, do not irritate me!
Get what I ordered:
Siegmund falls -
This is the Valkyrie work!

He storms away and disappears quickly left into mountains

stands for a long time frightened and stunned
So I never saw Victory Father,
she stares wildly to herself
Otherwise he would be annoyed by a quarrel!
She leans down sadly and picks up her weapons, with which she prepares herself again
Heavy weapons weigh me: -
if I fought for pleasure,
how were they easy!
To sneaky battle I'm so afraid today.
She muses to herself and then sighs
Alas, my wood!
In the highest sorrow
must you faithfully leave the faith!

She turns slowly to the background

Sieglinde, Siegmund

Having reached the mountain yoke, Brünnhilde, looking down into the ravine, observes Siegmund and Sieglinde; She looks at the seamstresses for a moment and then turns to the cave to her steed so that she completely disappears from the spectator. - Siegmund and Sieglinde appear on the mountain yoke. Sieglinde proceeds hastily ahead; Siegmund tries to stop her

Stop here now; give yourself rest!

Continue! Continue!

surround them with gentle force
Not further now!
He closes her tight
Stay, sweetest woman!
Out of bliss-delight, you flinched
with a hurry you hunted away:
I hardly follow the wild flight;
through forest and field, over rock and stone,
speechless, silently, you jumped there,
no call stopped you for a rest!
Rest now: talk to me!
End of silence fear!
See, your brother is holding his bride:
Siegmund is your companion!

He passed them unnoticed to the stone seats

Siegmund looks into his eyes with growing delight, then she embraces his neck passionately and lingers thus; then she opens with a start
Away! Away! Flee the desecrated!
Unholy embraces her arm;
dishonored, defiled, this body disappeared:
flee the corpse, let it go!
The wind may dissipate it,
who gave himself honorably to the noble!
Since he embraced her lovingly,
because blissful lust found her,
because all of you, the man,
who awakened all their love:
before the sweetest bliss of holiest consecration,
that penetrated her mind and soul,
Horror and shudder, horrible shame
had to frighten the ignominious
who ever obeyed the man,
who held her without minne!
Leave the cursed, let them flee you!
I am rejected, dignity bar!
I have to escape from the purest man,
I can never belong to the glorious one.
Shame on my brother,
Shame on the freed friend!

What shame you created,
that now kills the wicked blood!
So do not go on running; wait for the enemy;
here he should fall to me:
if Notung crushes his heart,
Revenge then you have reached!

freaks up and listens
Listen! The horns, do you hear the call?
A furious roaring resounds
from the forest and Gau it barks up.
Hunding woke up from hard sleep!
He calls families and dogs together;
courageously hurried howls the pack,
she barks wildly to the sky
oath broken by marriage!
Sieglinde stares like crazy
Where are you, Siegmund? Do I still see you,
fervently beloved, shining brother?
Your eye's star let me shine again:
do not resist the kiss of the woman who has been destroyed! -
She threw herself sobbing to his chest: then she starts frightening again
Listen! Oh, listen! This is Hundings Horn!
His pack is approaching with mightier defenses:
no sword pious
in front of the dogs surge:
throw it away, Siegmund! Siegmund - where are you?
Ha there! I see you! Terrible face!
Males bares their teeth for meat;
they do not pay attention to your noble gaze;
at the feet grabs you the fixed dentition -
you fall - in pieces the sword crushes:
the ash falls, it breaks the trunk!
Brothers! My brother! Siegmund - ha! -

She sinks unconscious into Siegmund's arms

Sister! Lover!

He listens to her breath and makes sure that she is still alive. He lets her slide down so that as he sits down to sit down, she comes to rest with her head on his lap. In this position, both remain until the end of the following appearance. Long silence, during which Siegmund, with tender concern for Sieglinde, turns and kisses her forehead with a long kiss

Brünnhilde, Siegmund

Brünnhilde, with her steed at the bridle, emerges from the cave and walks slowly and solemnly forward. She stops and looks at Siegmund from afar. She walks slowly again. It stops in closer proximity. She carries the shield and the spear in one hand, leans against the neck of the horse with the other, and looks gravely at Siegmund

Siegmund! Look at me!
It's me who will soon follow you.

raise your eyes to her
Who are you, say,
that looks so beautiful and serious to me?

Only mortals are good for my sight;
who looks at me, separates from the light of life.
On the canvas alone I appear to Edlen:
whoever observes me, to the whale, will I take it from me!

you look long and hard in the eye, then lowered his head thoughtfully and finally turns solemnly serious to her again
Who follows you, where are you leading the hero?

To Walvater, who elected you,
I lead you: to Valhall, you follow me.

In Walhall's hall, Walvater, am I alone?

Fallen Heroes Listen to a crowd
embrace you with a sacred greeting.

Can I find Wälse, my own father, in Walhall?

The father finds the Wälsung there.

Greetings in Valhall glad a woman?

Wish girls are there:
Wotan's daughter lovingly hands you the potion!

You are very noble,
and holy I perceive the Wotan child:
but tell me, you Ew'ge!
Is the brother accompanying the bridal sister?
Does Siegmund Sieglinde surround there?

Earth's air still has to breathe it:
Sieglinde does not see Siegmund there!

Leans gently over Sieglinde, kisses her softly on the forehead and calmly turns back to Brünnhilde
Hello Valhall, greetings to Wotan,
greet me Wälse and all heroes,
Greet also the beautiful desire girls: -
very determined
I do not follow you to them.

You saw the Valkyrie's great look:
you have to go with her now!

Where Sieglinde lives in pleasure and suffering,
Siegmund also wants to line it up:
yet your look did not make me pale:
he never forces me to stay.

As long as you live, do not force anything on you:
but death compels you:
I came here to tell you.

Where would the hero I fell today?

Hunding drops you in a fight.

Threaten with starch,
as Hundings stroking!
Are you lurking here on whale,
to catch those gravel:
I think he fell in the fight!

shaking his head
You, Wälsung - listen to me:
the lot was struck.

Do you know this sword?
Who created it, awarded me victory:
your threat despite me with him!

with a strongly raised voice
He who created it now claimed death for you:
He takes his virtue out of the sword!

Silence, and do not scare the dormant!
He bends tenderly over Sieglinde with a bursting grief
Sore! Sore! Sweetest woman!
You saddest of all faithful!
The world rages against you in weapons:
and me, whom you trust only
for whom you only defy her,
not with my protection should I shield you
the bold betrayed in battle?
Ha, shame on him who created the sword for me,
he swore at me for victory!
Do I have to fall, do not I go to Valhall?
Hella hold me tight!

He leans low to Sieglinde

So little do you respect eternal bliss?
hesitant and reserved
Everything would be the poor woman,
that tired and harmlessly dull of the bullets you hang?
Nothing else you held dear?

looking up at her bitterly
So young and beautiful do you shiver me:
but how cold and hard does my heart recognize you!
Can you only scoff, so move away,
you bad, unfeeling damsel!
But you have to graze on my woe,
let me suffer my suffering;
My distress is your envious heart:
only from Walhall's brittle delights
Do not you speak to me!

I see the distress that crushes your heart,
I feel the hero's holy Harm -
Siegmund, command me your wife:
my protection embrace them!

No one else but me should touch the pure alive:
I succumbed to death, the deafened I kill before!

in growing emotion
Wälsung! Furious! Listen to my advice:
command me your wife for the sake of the pledge,
that received from you wondrously!

pulling his sword
This sword, which made the faithful a delirious one;
this sword that cowards before the enemy betrays me:
do not pardon it against the enemy,
so pious against the friend! -
He pulls the sword at Sieglinde
Two lives laugh at you here:
take it, note, envious steel!
Take it with a joke!

in the most violent storms of compassion
Keep a Wälsung! Hear my word!
Sieglinde lives - and Siegmund live with her!
It's decided; I turn the battle-kill:
you, Siegmund, I bring blessing and victory!
Horns are heard ringing from the distant background
Do you hear the call? Now prepare yourself, hero!
Trust the sword and confidently swing it:
faithfully holds the weir,
how the Valkyrie faithfully protects you!
Farewell, Siegmund, blessed hero!
I'll see you again at the Walstatt!

She storms off and disappears with the horse on the right in a side gorge. Siegmund looks at her joyfully and exalts. The stage has gradually darkened; Heavy storm clouds descend on the background and gradually envelop the mountain walls, the gorge and the elevated mountain yoke

Siegmund, Sieglinde, Hunding, Brünnhilde, Wotan

leans over Sieglinde again, listening to the breath
Magic fights a sleep
the Holden Pain and Harm.
Since the Valkyrie came to me,
did she give her the comforting comfort?
Should the grim whale
do not frighten a wicked woman?
Lifeless, she seems, yet lives:
the sad cost a smiling dream. -
New horn calls
So go on,
until the battle fought,
and peace make you happy!
He gently lays her on the stone seat and kisses her forehead in goodbye. Siegmund hears Hundings Hornruf and breaks up determined
Who calls me there, now rears;
what he deserves, I offer him:
Note pay him the duty!

He draws his sword, rushes to the background, and disappears, arrived on the yoke, at once in the dark thunderstorm, from which soon lightning flashes

begins to move dreamily restless
The father only returned home!
He is still in the woods with the boy.
Mother! Mother! I am afraid of the courage:
The strangers do not seem friendly and peaceful!
Black vapors - sultry steam -
Fiery Lohe is already licking after us
the house is burning - to help, brother!
Siegmund! Siegmund!
She jumps up. Strong lightning and thunder
Siegmund - Ha!

She stares around in fear: almost the entire stage is wrapped in black storm clouds, continuous lightning and thunder. The Hornruf Hundings sounds nearby

in the background from the mountain yoke
Woeful! Woeful!
Stop the fight, dogs should not keep you!

from further back from the gorge
Where are you hiding, that I shot you over?
Stand, that I put you!

listening in terrible excitement
Hunding! Siegmund!
Could I see her!

Herefore, you vile suitors!
Fricka falls here!

now also from the yoke
Still do you think I'm weaponless, cowardly?
Do you threaten with women, so spruce now,
otherwise Fricka will let you down!
For look: home of your house
I withdrew the sword without hesitation;
its cutting edge you taste now!

A flash illuminates for a moment the mountain yoke, on which Hunding and Siegmund are now fighting

with the highest strength
Stop, you men!
Murder me first!

She rushes to the mountain yoke, but a bright light that breaks out from the right above the fighters suddenly blinds her so violently that she, as if blind, sways sideways. Brünnhilde appears above Siegmund in the glow of light and covers it with the shield

Meet him, Siegmund!
dare the sword!

When Siegmund is about to make a fatal blow against Hunding, a glowing reddish glow breaks through the clouds from the left, in which Wotan appears, standing over Hunding and holding out his spear to Siegmund

Back in front of the spear!
In pieces the sword!

Brünnhilde recoils with fright before Wotan with the shield; Siegmund's sword shatters at the held spear. Hunding pushes his spear into the chest of the unreinforced man. Siegmund falls dead to the ground.
Sieglinde, who owns his Death Sire, sinks with a scream like lifeless. With Siegmund's case the brilliant appearance has disappeared from both sides at the same time; dense darkness rests in the clouds all the way to the front: in it Brünnhilde becomes indistinctly visible, as she turns towards Sieglinden in sudden haste

Ross, that I save you!

She quickly lifts Sieglinde to her steed close to the side gorge and immediately disappears with her. Immediately the clouds break in the middle, so that one clearly sees Hunding, who is just pulling his spear out of the fallen Siegmund's breast. Wotan, surrounded by clouds, stands behind it on a rock, leaning on his spear and looking painfully at Siegmund's corpse

to Hunding
Go, servant! Knee in front of Fricka:
you announce that Wotan's spear
avenged what mockery created her.
Go! ' - go!

Hunding sinks dead to the ground before his contemptuous hand angle

suddenly starting in terrible rage
But Brünnhilde! Woe the criminal!
Terrible was punished the naughty,
my steed reaches her escape!

He disappears with lightning and thunder. - The curtain falls quickly


At the top of a rocky mountain. On the right a fir forest limits the scene. On the left, the entrance of a cave, which forms a natural hall: above it rises the rock to its highest peak. To the rear, the view is completely clear; higher and lower rocks form the edge in front of the slope, which - as is to be assumed - leads steeply down to the background. As if driven by the storm, individual cloud trains are chasing the rock hem

Gerhilde, Ortlinde, Waltraute and Schwertleite, later Helmwige, Siegrune, Grimgerde, Rossweisse, Brünnhilde, Sieglinde, Gerhilde, Ortlinde, Waltraute and Schwertleite have stored themselves on the crag, on and above the cave, they are stored in full

GERHILDE at the highest and calling to the background where a strong cloud pulls
Hojotoho! Hojotoho! Heiaha! Heiaha!
Helmwige! Here! Hither with the steed!

in the background
Hojotoho! Hojotoho! Heiaha!

In the clouds, lightning breaks out; A Valkyrie on horseback becomes visible in him: above her saddle hangs a slain warrior. The apparition moves closer and closer to the edge of the rock, passing from left to right

the incoming
people calling Heiaha! Heiaha!

The cloud with the apparition has disappeared to the right behind the tann

ORTLINDE calling
into the tann
To Ortlinde's mare depict your stallion:
with my horror like to graze your bay !

Who is in the saddle?

HELMWIGE appearing
from the Tann
Sintolt, the Hegeling!

Lead your eyebrows away from horror:
Ortlinde's mare carries Wittig, the Irming!

a bit closer than enemies I only saw Sintolt and Wittig!

jump on
Heiaha! The mare pushes me the stallion!
She runs into the Tann

Schwertleite, Gerhilde and Helmwige laugh loudly at

The longing dispute still divides the horses!

HELMWIGE calling back
to the Tann
Quiet, Brauner!
Do not break the peace!

at the height where she took the watch for Gerhilde, calling to the right in the background
Hoioho! Hoioho!
Siegrune, here! Where are you lingering for so long?
She listens to the right

from the right side of the background her
work there was!
Are the others already there?

right in the background calling
Hojotoho! Hojotoho!


Her gestures and a bright shine behind the Tann indicate that Siegrune has just arrived there. From the depth you can hear two voices

in the background
Hojotoho! Hojotoho!

to the left
Grimgerd 'and Rossweisse!

as well
you ride to two.

In a flash of lightning, passing from the left, Grimgerde and Rossweisse, also on Rossen, each show a slain in the saddle. Helmwige, Ortlinde and Siegrune have stepped out of the

tannin and beckon from the crag of the rock to those arriving HELMWIGE, ORTLINDE AND SIEGRUNE
Greetings, you brushwoods!
Rossweiss' and Grimgerde!

Hojotoho! Hojotoho!

The apparition disappears behind the

Hojotoho! Hojotoho! Heiaha! Heiaha!

in the Tann calling
In forest with the horses to Weid 'and Rast!

ORTLINDE also shouting

Lead the Moravia away from each other
until our heroes hatse !

The Valkyries laugh

while the others laugh
The hero Grimm already lost the gray!

The Valkyries laugh

out of the fir tree
Hojotoho! Hojotoho!

Welcome! Welcome!

SCHWERTLEITE Did you have audacity
for two?

We rode separately and met today.

When we are all gathered, do not hesitate long:
after Walhall we set out
to bring Wotan the whale.

Eight we are first: one is still missing.

GERHILDE Brünnhilde probably still lingers
with the brown wood

still have to wait for her here:
Walvater would give us a fierce greeting,
see her without us!

on the Rock Observatory , from where she peeks out
Hojotoho! Hojotoho! Calling
in the background
to the others Brünnhilde hunts
in a fierce ride

all hurry to the control room
Hojotoho! Hojotoho!
Brünnhilde! Hei!

They peer with increasing amazement

After the Tann she steers the staggering steed.

How does Grane snort from the fast ride!

So I never saw Valkyries hunting!

What holds her in the saddle?

This is not a hero!

A woman leads her!

How did she find the woman?

With no greeting, she greets the sisters!

calling out
Heiaha! Brünnhilde! Do not you hear us?

Help the sister of
the Ross swing!

Gerhilde and Helmwige fall into the Tann. Siegrune and Rossweisse run after them

Hojotoho! Hojotoho!


into the Tann Falls
Grane, the strong!

From the saddle she hastily lifts the woman!

all in the Tann running
sister! Sister! What happened?

All Valkyries return to the stage; Brünnhilde comes with them, supporting Sieglinde and

guiding them in. BRÜNNHILDE
Protect me and help in dire need!

Where did you ride in frantic hurry?
So just fly, who is on the run!

For the first time I flee, and I am persecuted: O Lord Servant
incites me!

violently terrifying
Are you out of your senses? Speak! Tell us! As?
Are you a host father?
Are you fleeing from him?

turns anxiously to peer, and returns again
O sisters, peeks from the rock!
Look North, if Walvater is approaching!
Ortlinde and Waltraute jump to the top of the rock to the control point
! Do you see him already?

thunderstorm approaches from the north.

Strong clouds accumulate there!

Heervater rides his holy steed!

The wild hunter who angrily chases me,
he is approaching, he is approaching from the north!
Protect me, sisters! Keep this woman!

What about the woman?

Hear me in a hurry: it is
Sieglinde, Siegmund's sister and bride:
against the woods
Wotan rages in Grimm;
Brünnhilde was to
deprive her brother of the victory today ;
but Siegmund protects me with my shield,
defying God!
He himself struck him with the spear:
Siegmund fell;
but I fled the distance with the woman;
to save her, I hurry 'to you -
if I worry too
her berget of the punishing blow!

in the greatest consternation
Infatuated sister, what did you do?
Woe! Brünnhilde, woe!
Broke disobedient
Brünnhilde army father holy commandment?

from the
control room At night, it pulls in from the north.

angry controls the storm.

the background
Wild whores whimpering Ross.

Terrible , it snows !

Woe to the poor when Wotan meets them: to
the tumblers he threatens ruin! -
Who will lend me the lightest horse of yours,
the nimble woman will abduct him?

Are you advising us on raging defiance?

Rossweisse, sister,
lend me your racer!

The flying never fled before Walvater.

Helmwige, listen!

I obey the father.

Grimgerde! Gerhilde! Grant me your horse!
Schwertleite! Siegrune! See, my fear!
Be faithful to me, how I trust you was:
save this sad woman!

who so far gloomily and coldly stares in front of her, as Brünnhilde embraces her vividly - as if to protect her - with a defensive gesture.
Do not worry about me:
only death suits me!
Who called you maiden,
whom Harst kidnapped?
In the storm there I would have received the prank
from the same weapon that Siegmund fell:
I found the end
united with him!
Far from Siegmund - Siegmund, from you! -
Oh death covered me, that I think so!
you do not want to curse me, Maid, I will curse
my plea:
pledge your sword into my heart!

Live, O woman, for the sake of love!
Save the pledge that you received from it:
strong and urgent
a woodcock grows in your lap!

SIEGLINDE is startled
at first; but at once her face radiates in exalted joy
Save me, darling! Save my child!
Shield me, you girls, with the most powerful protection!

More and more dark thunderstorm rises in the background: approaching thunder

in the waiting room
The storm is approaching.

as well as
Flieh, who fears him!

with the woman threatens him danger:
the Valkyries do not dare their protection!

on her knees before Brünnhilde
Save me, Maid! Save the mother!

BRÜNNHILDE resolutely resolves
So hurry - and flee alone!
I stay behind, offering myself to Wotan's revenge:
I'll tug at the madman here
while you escape his turf.

Where should I go?

Who of you sisters went east?

to the east, a forest stretches:
The Niblungen Hort kidnapped Fafner there.

Worm form created for the savage:
in a cave he guards Alberich's hoop!

not there for a helpless woman.

And yet, before Wotan's rage, the forest certainly protects her:
he is afraid of the mighty and avoids the place.

in the waiting room Wotan
drives terribly
there to the rock.

Brünnhilde, listen to his approach Gebraus!

Sieglinde pointing the direction
Fort hurry to the east!
Courageous defiance 'endeavor all, -
hunger and thirst, thorn and rock;
laugh, if distress, if suffering gnaws you!
For one thing always
knows and true: the dearest hero in the world
, O woman, you hid in the shielding lap! -
She pulls out the pieces of Siegmund's sword under her armor and hands them over Sieglinde 's strong sword pieces ;
his father, Walstatt, hijacks her happily:
the new one, the sword swings once,
the name he takes from me -
"Siegfried" enjoys the victory!

in the utmost emotion
O greatest miracle! Gorgeous maiden!
Thanksgiving to you, I sincerely console you!
For him whom we loved, I save the dearest:
My thanks, pay laugh to you once!
Farewell! You bless Sieglinde's woe!

She rushes to the right in the foreground. - The rocky height is surrounded by black storm clouds; terrible storm roars from the background therefore, growing firelight on the right there

Stand! Brünnhilde!

Brünnhilde, after looking at Sieglinde for a while, turns in the background, looks into the

fir and comes back in fear. ORTLINDE AND WALTRAUTE descending
from the attic
The rock reached the rider and the horseman!

Weh 'Brünnhild'! Revenge burns!

Oh, sisters, help! My heart wavers!
His anger shatters me
if your protection does not tame him.

flee fearfully up to the top of the rock; Brünnhilde lets herself be followed by them
Hieher, Verlor'ne! Do not let me see you!
Snuggle up to us and be silent!
They hide Brünnhilde among themselves, and look anxiously for the fir, which is now lit by the glaring firelight, while the background has become very dark
. Angry, Wotan swings off the steed! -
His revengeful step races by!

The previous one, Wotan

Wotan, emerges from the tann with the highest of angry excitement and strides fiercely ahead of the group of Valkyries on the heights, peering at Brünnhilde.

Where is Brünnhild, where is the criminal?
Do you dare to rescue the evil from me?

Terrible ertost your romp!
What did father, the daughters,
do that tempt you to rage?

Are you going to scoff? Beware, naughty!
I know: Brünnhilde is lying in front of me.
Depart from her, the eternal Verorfnen,
as their value threw them!

The persecuted fled to us.

our protection!
With fear and trepidation she grasps your anger:
for the anxious sister, we ask
that the first wrath be tamed.
Let yourself be softened for her, tame your wrath!

Soft-hearted women's breed!
So dare courage you chose from me?
Did I urge you to fight boldly,
did I make
your hearts hard and sharp, so
that you savages now cry and greed
when my wrath punishes a defiance ?
So know, whining, what she spent,
around which Zieren the Zhren burns:
None like her
knew my innermost senses;
no as she
knew the source of my will!
She herself was
my wish-creating lap: -
and so now she broke the blessed covenant,
that treacherously she defied my will,
openly ridiculed my ruling command, turned
against me the weapon
which my wish alone created her! -
Do you hear it, Brünnhilde? You, who gave me name and life to Brno,
helmet and weir, bliss and grace
Can you hear me complain,
and do you bang the plaintiff,
that cowardly you escape the punishment?

emerges from the flock of the Valkyries, walks down from the top of the rock in a humble but firm step, and thus appears at a small distance. Wotan
Here I am, Father: command the punishment!

: I did not
punish you: you made your own punishment.
By my will you were alone:
against it you have wanted;
you only executed my command:
against him you commanded;
Wish maiden have you been to me:
against me you have desired;
maiden have you been to me: against me you raised the shield;
You were a loosely-made girl:
against me you were killing lots;
temptress you were me: against me you irritated heroes.
Whatever else you were, Wotan told you:
what you are now, tell yourself!
Wish maiden you are no more;
Valkyrie have been you:
from now on, whatever you are!

violently terrifying
you offend me? Do I understand the meaning?

I will not send you any more from Valhalla;
I do not know more heroes to whale;
Do not you lead more victors
into my room
? Mahle
does not trust the drinking horn with the gods .
I can not give you the childish mouth any more;
Divine company divorced you
from the Eternal Tribe;
our covenant is broken;
out of my sight you are banished.

, in agitated agitation, leave their position, dragging themselves a little lower.
Woe! Sore'!
Sister, oh sister!

Are you taking everything that you once gave me?

Forcing you, you'll lose it!
I banish you up to the mountain;
I fall asleep in defenseless sleep:
the man then catch the maiden,
who finds her on the way and wakes her up.

come down in the highest excitement from the top of the rock, and in fearful groups they surround Brünnhilde, who lies half kneeling in front of Wotan.
Stop, O father! Stop the curse!
Shall the damsel falter and fade the man?
Hear our prayers! Terrible god,
turn away from her shouting disgrace!
Like the sister, the shame would strike us!

: Do not you hear what I'm imposing?
The troublesome sister is divorced from your host;
with you on horseback through the skies she does not ride longer;
the magical flower withers the maiden;
a husband wins her female favor;
From then on she obeys the imperious man;
she sits at the flock, spinning,
aiming and playing all the mocking.
Brünnhilde sinks to the ground with a cry; the Valkyries give way horrified with violent noise from their side
Are you afraid of their lot? So flee the lost!
Get away from her and stay away!
Who of you dared to stay with her,
who held me in defiance
of the sad '-
the door shared her lot:
that's what I call the bold!
Now from here; avoid the rock!
Hurtig chases me away,
otherwise Jammer will wait for you here!

Sore! Sore!

The Valkyries disperse with wild cry and rush in a hasty flight in the Tann. Black clouds settle close to the edge of the rock: you hear wild noise in the fir. A glaring lightning flash breaks out in the clouds; in him one sees the Valkyries with their reins laid upon them, crowded together in a flock, chasing away wildly. Soon the storm will set; the storm clouds are gradually disappearing. In the following scene, at finally calm weather, dusk breaks in, following at the end of the night

Wotan, Brünnhilde

Wotan and Brünnhilde, who are still lying at his feet, are left alone. Long, solemn silence: unchanged position

the head slowly starts to rise a little bit. Shy starting and increasing .
Was it so shameful what I said
that my crime was so ignominiously punishable?
Was it so low what I did to you
that you could bring me down so deeply?
Was it so honorless what I did
that my loss now robs me of the honor?
She rises gradually to the kneeling position
O say, father! Look into my eyes:
shut up the wrath, tame the rage,
and interpret to me the dark guilt,
which forces you with stubborn defiance to cast off
your most darling child!

in unchanged position, serious and gloomy
Ask your deed, she blames you!

I executed your order.

Did I order you to fight for the Wälsung?

So you called me as ruler of the whale!

But I took my instructions back!

When Fricka estranges her own sense;
since you made sense of them, you yourself
were your enemy.

quietly and bitterly
That you understood me, I thought ,
and punished the knowing defiance:
but cowardly and stupid you thought me!
So I would not have to avenge treason;
would you be too low for my grief?

I'm not wise, but I knew the one
thing that you loved about the Wälsung.
I knew the dichotomy that forced you
to forget this one.
The other only you had to see,
what to look so harsh hurt your heart:
that Siegmund protection you failed.

You knew it that way, and yet you dared to protect yourself?

quietly starting
Because one eye I held for you in the eye, to
which, in the compulsion of the other,
painfully divided,
turned your back helplessly!
Guarding Wotan in battle
, she now saw only what you did not see: -
I must see Siegmund.
Announcing death, I stepped before him, saw
his eye, heard his word;
I heard the hero's holy distress;
I heard the bravest of the most valiant lamentation:
free love terrible suffering,
saddest courage most powerful defiance!
My ear shouted, my eyes beheld
what deep in the bosom my heart met
with holy quavers.
Shy and astonished, I stood in shame.
To serve him only I could still think:
to share victory or death with Siegmund:
this only recognized me as a fate! -

Who breathes this love into my heart, the will, which joins me the Wälsung, trusting
him intimately, I defy your command.

So you did what I love so much to do,
but what did not do the plight forced me to do?
So easily did you forsake blissfulness of the heart,
where burning woe broke into my heart,
grim distress created the wrath of stifling
a world for the sake of love's wellspring
in the tortured heart?
Where against myself
I very much turned, foaming
from my fainting pain I shot up
angry longing scorching desire created
the terrible will to me,

to end my eternal grief in the ruins of my own world : -
sweet bliss will delight you;
joyful emotion luscious intoxication
you drowned laughing the love drank,
as divine gnaw bile mixed me?
Let your light sense let you guide: you said
of me you.
I must avoid
you , together with you
I must not whisper more advice;
disconnected, not allowed to
dare we do more:
so far life and air
the god may not meet you!

you are not good for the foolish maiden,
did not understand you in astonishment at the rate ,
as my own advice
only one
thing advised me: to love what you loved. -
Do I have to divorce and shyly avoid you,
you have to divide what once embraced,
keep your own half away from you,
that otherwise it belonged to
you, God, do not forget that!
You will not dishonor your everlasting part, you will
not want shame, it will insult
you : you let yourself sink,
you see the ridicule for me to play with!

You are blissfully following love Power:
follow the one you love!

Shall I retire from Valhalla, and
no longer be able to do and fight with thee,
obeying the imperious man from now on:
do not abandon me to the cowardly bouncer!
Not worthless is he who wins me.

You're leaving Walvater - he
can not vote for you.

quietly with confidential secrecy
You testified to a noble race;
no Zager can ever
knock him out: the most redoubtable hero - I know it -
blooms out of the trunk of the tree.

Silence from the tree trunk!
Divorced from you, I left him:
the envy must destroy him!

from you, saved him.
Sieglinde cherishes the holiest fruit;
in pain and sorrow, as no woman has suffered,
will she bear,
what bang she brings.

Never look for protection for the woman,
nor for her lap's fruit!

She preserves the sword you made Siegmund.

And I beat him in pieces!
Do not strive, O Maid, to bother me;
await your lot as it throws you;
I can not shit you!
But now I have to go now, far away from me;
I hesitate too much here;
I turn away from the others;
I can not know what she wishes:
the punishment only has to be enforced I see!

What did you think that I endured?

In a sound sleep I shut you up: he
who awakens the defenseless,
who became, awakens, makes her a wife!

falls to her knees
If captivating sleep binds me firmly,
the cowardly man for easy prey:
this one must you hear
what holy fear implores to you!
The sleeping one protects with frightening terror
that only a fearlessly free hero would
ever find me here on the rock!

You crave too much, too much favor!

BRÜNNHILDE embracing
his knees
You have to hear this one!
Crush your child, which covers your knee;
crush the maiden, smash the maiden,
destroy her spear: destroy her spear:
but, cruelly, do not give it up to
the most disgraceful shame!
with wild enthusiasm
Upon your command a fire is kindled;
glowing embers glow around the rocks;
it licks 'her tongue', her tooth gnaws the gawk
who boldly dared
to nip the free rock!

overwhelmed and deeply moved, turns briskly to Brünnhilde, raises her from her knees and looks at her with emotion.
Farewell, daring, beautiful child!
You my heart's most sacred pride!
Farewell! Farewell! Farewell!
very passionate
Do I have to shun you,
and not minnig
my greetings greet you more;
Shall thou no longer ride beside me,
nor will Met give me the meal;
I must lose you, whom I love,
you laughing lust of my eye:
a bridal fire shall now burn you,
as never a bride burned it!
Flaming embers glow around the rock;
with terrifying horror,
shake it from trepidation;
the fig flies Brünnhilde's rock! -
For one only free the bride,
the freer than me, the god!
Brünnhilde sinks, moved and enthusiastic, to Wotan's breast; he holds her for a long time. She bounces her head back and, still holding him, solemnly looks at Wotan in the eye.
The eyes shining,
which often I smiled,
when lust for battle a kiss paid off ,
when childishly lapping the hero's praise
of fair lips flowed to you:
these bright fellows ,
who often shone in the storm
my hopes for hope sank my heart, after world-wishing I longed for my wish
with wildly wincing fear:
for the last time
I lost it today
with farewell last kiss!
To the lucky man
shine his star:
the unfortunate Ew'gen it
has to be divorced.
He holds her head in both hands
For thus the God returns to you,
so he kisses the deity of you!
He kisses her for a long time. She sinks with her eyes closed, gently languishing, in his arms. He leads her gently to lie on a low mossy hill, over which a broad fir extends. He looks at her and closes her helmet: his eye then lingers on the figure of the sleeping, which he completely covers with the great steel shield of the Valkyrie. Slowly he turns away, with a painful look he turns around again. Then he steps solemnly in the middle of the stage and turns his spear point against a mighty rock stone
box, listen! Listen here!
How first I found you, as fiery fiery,
as then once you faded to me,
as wandering tears;
as I tied you, I bans you today!
Up, swirling tears,
fiercely cloak me the rock!
He thrusts the following three times with the spear at the stone
lodge! Loge! Hither!
A jet of fire escapes the stone, which swells to the gradually brighter flames. Light Flackerlohe breaks out. Light rage surrounds Wotan with wild flickering. With the spear he imperiously directs the circle of the edge of the rock to the current of the sea of ​​fire; Immediately it draws itself to the background, where it is constantly surrounding the mountain hem.
If anyone fears my spear,
the fire never passes through!

He stretches out his spear as if in awe, then looks back at Brünnhilde, turns slowly to leave, and looks back before disappearing through the fire. The curtain falls