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Heil dir Sonne

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Richard Wagner




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Birgit Nilsson: Wagner - Siegfried, 'Heil dir, Sonne! Heil dir, Licht'

Singer(s): Birgit Nilsson Wolfgang Windgassen

Birgit Nilsson (17 May 1918 - 25 December 2005) was a celebrated Swedish dramatic soprano who specialized in operatic and symphonic works. Her voice was noted for its overwhelming force, bountiful reserves of power and the gleaming brilliance and clarity in the upper register. Nilsson made such strong imprints on many roles that they came to be known as the "Nilsson repertory". She sang the operas of Richard Strauss and made a specialty of Puccini's Turandot, but it was the music of Wagner that made her career; her command of his music was comparable to that of Kirsten Flagstad, who owned the Wagner repertory at the Metropolitan Opera during the years before World War II. Nilsson recorded all of her major roles. Partly because of her availability to play Brünnhilde, Decca Records undertook the expensive project of making the first studio recording of Wagner's four-opera Ring cycle, conducted by Solti and produced by John Culshaw. The effort took seven years, from 1958 to 1965. A film of the proceedings made her a familiar image for arts-conscious television viewers...

Wolfgang Windgassen (June 26, 1914 -- September 8, 1974) was a tenor internationally known for his performances in Wagner operas...

Lyrics & English Translation

Hail to thee, sun!
Hail to thee, light!
Hail to thee, glorious day!
Long have I slept:
I was awakened.
Who is the hero
who woke me?

I forced my way through the fire
that flamed around the rock:
I loosened your tight helmet:
I am Siegfried,
and I woke you.

Hail to my mother
that bore me,
hail to the earth
that nourished me,
that I can see those eyes
whose light now delights me!

O hail to the mother
that bore you!
Hail to the earth
that nourished you!
Your eyes alone might see me,
you alone might waken me!

O Siegfried, Siegfried!
Blessed hero!
Waker to life,
conquering light!
If you but knew, joy of the world,
how I have always loved you!
You were my thought,
you were my care!
I fed your tender being
before you were begotten;
even before you were born
my shield protected you:
so long have I loved you, Siegfried!

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