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Tristan und Isolde Libretto
English Translation

TRISTAN (tenor)
ISOLDE (soprano)
KURWENAL (baritone)
MELOT (baritone or tenor)
BRANGcNE (mezzo-soprano)
ONE HIRT (Tenor)
A TAXMAN (baritone)

Crews; Knights and squires; Women from Isolee's entourage



Tent-like room on the foredeck of a sea-going ship, richly carpeted with rugs, at the beginning completely closed at the beginning; A narrow staircase leads down to the side of the ship. Isolde on a couch, her face pressed into the pillows. Brangäne, holding back a rug, looks overboard to one side


from the height, as from the mast, audible
the view sweeps:
deletes the ship.
Fresh the wind blows
home to:
my Irish, child,
Where are you?
Is it your sigh labor,
who blow my sails?
Woe, woe, you wind!
Alas, alas, my child!
Irish maiden,
you wild, little maiden!

driving up abruptly
Who dares to sneer me?
she looks around distraughtly
Brangäne, you?
Say --- where are we?

at the opening
Blue stripes
rose in the west;
gentle and fast
the ship sails:
on a calm sea before evening
we will surely reach the country.

Which country?

Kornwalls green beach.

Not today, tomorrow!

Drop the curtain and hurry to Isolde
What do I hear? Mistress! Ha!

wild to himself
Degenerate sex!
Unworthiness of the ancestors!
Where, mother,
did you forgive the power,
to command over sea and storm?
O tame art
the sorceress,
the only balsam drink still brews!
Wake up again,
bold violence;
up from the bosom,
where you bargained!
Hear my will,
slow winds!
Up to fight
and Wettergetös'!
To raging storms
angry vortex!
Drives out of sleep
this dreaming sea,
awakens for the reason
his resentful greed!
Show him the loot,
I offer him!
Smash it this defiant ship,
of the shattered debris swallowed it!
And what lives on him,
the blowing breath,
I'll let you winches as a reward!

in the extreme fright, trying Isolde
Oh dear!
Oh! Oh
the evil I suspected!
Isolde! Mistress!
Expensive heart!
What are you kidding me for so long?
Not a tear
you cry father and mother;
hardly a greeting
you offered the remaining.
Departing from home
cold and dumb,
pale and silent
on the ride;
without food,
without sleep;
rigid and miserable,
wildly disturbed:
how did I endure,
seeing you like this,
nothing to be more
to stand before you?
Oh, now announce,
what troubles you?
Say, say,
what torments you?
Mistress Isolde,
Dare Holde,
should it be worth it to you,
Trust Brangänen!

Air! Air!
My heart is suffocating
Open! Open far there!

Brangäne hastily pulls the curtains apart in the middle

You look along the ship to the starboard, over the board out to the sea and the horizon. Around the main mast in the middle is Seevolk, busy with ropes; Beyond them, on the starboard side, knights and squires, also stored; Away from them, Tristan, standing with folded arms and gazing into the sea, thoughtfully; at his feet, negligently, Kurwenal. From the mast, from the heights, one hears again the voice of the young sailor

on the masts, invisible
Fresh the wind blows
home to: -
my Irish, child,
Where are you?
Is it your sigh labor,
who blow my sails?
Woe, woe, you wind!
Alas, alas, my child!

her gaze immediately found Tristan and remained fixed on him, dull to herself
Chosen me,
lost me,
bold and cowardly!
Doomed Head!
Deathly Devoted Heart!
To Brangäne, incredibly laughing
What do you think of the servant?

following her looks
Whom do you mean?

There the hero,
the my view
his own,
in shame and shyness
looks downwards.
Tell me, how does he think you?

Do you ask for Tristan,
expensive woman,
the wonder of all empires,
the highly praised man,
the hero without equal,
of glory, hoard and spell?

mocking her
The shy of the pranks
flees where he can,
because a bride he as a corpse
won for his master!
Do you think it's dark,
my poem?
Ask him,
the free man,
whether he dares to dare me?
The honor greeting
and breed eight
forgets the mistress
the tough hero,
that her eyes just do not reach him,
the hero without equal!
Oh, he knows
well, why!
Go to the proud,
tell him the mistress word:
Ready for my service
He should speed me up.

Should I ask him
to greet you?

the self-sufficiency
Fear of the Mistress
me, Isolde!

At Isolde's imperious nod, Brangäne moves away and walks shyly along the deck along the starboard, past the working sailors. Isolde, with fixed glances following her, retreats backwards to the couch, where she remains seated during the following, eye turned away from the starboard side

the Brangäne sees, plucks, without rising, Tristan by the garment
Watch out, Tristan!
Embassy of Isolde.

What is? - Isolde? ---
He grips quickly as Brangäne approaches him and bows
From my mistress?
You are obedient
something to hear
reports Hoffisch
me the trusty maid?

My Lord Tristan,
To see you
wishes Isolde,
my wife.

Does she grieve for the long journey?
she goes to the end ';
before the sun goes down,
we are in the country.
What my wife commands me
faithfully it is fulfilled.

So may Mr. Tristan
go to her:
this is the mistress Will '.

Where there are the green corridors
color the look still blue,
my king is waiting
my wife:
to escort her to him,
soon I am close to the light;
I do not begrudge anyone
this favor.

My Lord Tristan,
listen well:
your services
want the woman,
that you are approaching her
where she is waiting for you.

At every point,
where I stand,
faithfully I serve her,
the women of the highest honor ';
I left the wheel
now for hours,
How do I steer the keel?
to King Mark's Land?

Tristan, my lord,
what are you yelling at me?
Do not think hard
the wicked maid,
Listen to my mistress word!
So, she said, should I say:
Commands let '
the self-sufficiency
Fear of the Mistress
she, Isolde.

jumping up
May I say the answer?

What did you say?

That's what she says
the wife of Isold!
Who Kornwall's Kron '
and England's Erb '
bequeathed to Ireland's maid,
that can be the maid
not own,
who gives even to the ohm.
A master of the world
Tristan the hero!
I'll call it: you say it, and rumbled
to me a thousand Mrs. Isold!
Since Tristan seeks to defend him by gestures and Brangaene indignantly turns to go away, Kurwenal sings with relentless detachment with the utmost strength:
"Mr. Morold moved
to seas,
to have interest in Kornwall;
an island floats
on the ood,
There he lies buried!
His head is hanging
in the ireland,
paid as interest
from Engeland:
Hei! Our hero Tristan,
how the interest can pay! "

Kurwenal, chased away by Tristan, descended into the nave; Brangaene returned in dismay to Isolde, closing the curtains behind him, while the whole team can be heard outside

His head is hanging
in the ireland,
paid as interest
from Engeland:
Hei! Our hero Tristan,
how the interest can pay!

Isolde and Brangaene alone, with the curtains completely closed again. Isolde rises with desperate anger. Brangäne falls at her feet

Alas, alas!
To tolerate this!

Close to the most terrible outburst, quickly gathering up
But now from Tristan!
Exactly I want to hear it.

Oh, do not ask!

Say free without fear!

With Hofer's words
he dodged.

But when you warned clearly?

Since I am to the Stell '
he called to you
wherever he stands,
so he said
faithfully do he serve her,
the women of the highest honor ';
he let the wheel
now for hours,
how does he steer the keel?
to King Mark's Land?

painfully bitter
"How does he steer the keel?
to King Mark's Land? "
glaring and violent
Pay him the interest,
he moved from Ireland!

On your own words,
when I offered him the
let his faithful Kurwenal ---

I've heard that,
not a word that escaped me.
Did you learn my shame,
now listen to what she created for me.
How laughing she
singing songs to me,
I could reply, too
from a barge,
the small and the poor
swam on Ireland's coast,
sick in it
a sweet man
lay dying miserably.
Isoldes art
became known to him;
with healing ointments
and balsamic juice
the wound that plagued him,
faithfully she plows there.
The Tantris
called with caring cunning,
as Tristan
Isold 'soon recognized him,
there in Schwartz Schwerte
a ram she noticed
in it exactly
a fragment splits,
once in the main
the Irish Knight,
to the mockery you sent home,
with a knowledgeable hand she found.
It screamed at me
for the deepest reason!
With the bright sword
I stood in front of him,
at him, the overwriting,
To avenge Mr. Morold's death.
From his warehouse
he looks at ---
not on the sword,
not on the hand ---
He looked me in the eye.
His misery
wailed me! ---
The sword --- I dropped it!
The Morold struck, the wound,
she heals me, that he is healthy
and go home home,
with the look no longer complain!

Oh wonder! Where did I have my eyes?
The guest once
I helped maintain?

His praise you just heard:
"Hei! Our hero Tristan «---
he was that sad man.
He swore with a thousand oaths
Eternal thanks and loyalty!
Now listen, like a hero
Oath holds!
Den as Tantris
unrecognized I dismiss
as Tristan
he returns boldly;
on a proud ship,
from high board,
Ireland's heiress
he desires to Eh
for Kornwall's tired king,
for brand, his ohm.
Since Morold was alive,
who would have dared
ever to offer us such shame?
For the zinspflicht'gen
Kornen princes
to promote Ireland's crown!
Ah, woe to me!
I was,
the secret himself
the shame created!
The avenging sword,
instead of swinging it,
powerless, I dropped it!
Now I serve the vassal!

There peace, atonement and friendship
was summoned by all,
we were happy all the day;
how did I know,
that you care about it?

O blind eyes,
stupid hearts!
Tamer courage,
despondent silence!
How differently bragged
Tristan out,
what I kept locked up!
Silently him
gave life,
from enemy revenge
hushed him in silence;
what dumb her protection
for salvation made him ---
He gave it up with her!
How victorious
healing and dear,
loud and bright
he pointed to me
"That would be a treasure,
my master and Ohm;
how does that look to you?
The pretty Irish girl
I bring;
with footbridge and paths
well known
a wink, I fly '
to Irenland:
Isolde, that is yours!
I'm laughing at the adventure! "
Damn you, wicked one!
Curse your head!
Revenge! Death!
Death to both of us!

rushing on Isolde with impetuous tenderness
Oh sweetie! Traute!
Expensive! Lovely!
Goldne Mistress!
Dear 'Isolde!
She gradually pulls Isolde to the couch
Listen to me! Come!
Sit down
What a delusion,
what vain wrath!
How do you pretend to be,
not to hear bright yet hear?
What ever Lord Tristan
you owed
say, he could pay more
as with the most splendid of the crowns?
That's how he serves faithfully
the noble Ohm;
He gave you the world
most desirable reward:
its own heritage,
genuine and noble,
he renounced at your feet,
as a queen to greet you!
Isolde turns away
And he advertised brand
you to the husband,
how did you mean to scold the election
does not he have to be worth you?
Of noble kind
and mild courage,
who resembled the man
in power and splendor?
He is a noble hero
so faithfully serves,
who does not want to share his happiness,
as a wife with him?

staring straight ahead
the dearest man
always close to see me!
How can I endure the torment?

What do you think, Arge?
Ungeminnt? ---
She approaches flattering and kissing Isolde
Where did the man live
who did not love you?
The Isolde saw '
and in Isolden
Blessed did not completely disappear '?
But who chose you,
would he be so cold
delay him from you
a spell off:
I know the evil
soon to bind.
He was the power of mine.
with mysterious confidence all the way to Isolde
Do you know the mother?
Arts not?
Do you think that's all
wisely considering
without advice in foreign country
would she have sent me with you?

The mother's advice
reminds me right;
welcome price 'me
her art:
Revenge for the betrayal,
Rest in distress of the heart!
Bring the shrine to me there!

He brings what salvation pays you.
She brings in a small golden chest, opens it and points to its contents
So she lined up her mother
the mighty potions.
For pain and wounds
Balm here;
for evil poisons
She pulls out a bottle
The highest potion,
I'll hold him here.

You're wrong, I know him better;
a strong sign
I cut him in.
She takes a bottle and shows it
It's the potion that suits me!

retreats in horror
The death potion!

Isolde has risen from his couch and hears the call of the ship's people with growing terror

from the outside
Ho! Hey! Ha! Hey!
At the lower mast
the sails!
Ho! Hey! Ha! Hey!

That suggests fast ride.
Woe is me! Near the land!

Kurwenal comes in through the curtains with impetuousness

On! On! You women!
Fresh and happy!
Quickly prepared!
Done, swift and swift!
And Mrs. Isolden
I should say
by hero Tristan,
my master
From the mast of joy flag,
she wooed the country cheerfully;
in Mark's Royal Castle
make her known to her.
Drum Ms. Isolde
if he rushes,
to prepare for the land,
that he could guide her.

after they first shuddered at the announcement, caught and with dignity
Bring Mr. Tristan
my greeting
and tell him what I say.
Should I go to him,
to stand in front of King Marke,
it does not want to be bred
and Fug,
I received atonement
not before
for unrepentant guilt.
So he seeks my favor.
Kurwenal makes a defiant gesture. Isolde continues with increase
You realize well
and report it well!
I do not want to get ready
to accompany him to the land;
I will not go to him,
to stand before King Marke;
coveted forgetting
and Vegeben
after breeding and Fug
he did not previously
for unpaid debt:
they bade me my favor.

Sure you know
I tell him that;
now he's waiting to hear me!

He goes back fast. Isolde rushes towards Brangäne and hugs her violently

Farewell, Brangäne!
Give me the world,
greet my father and mother!

What is? What are you thinking?
Did you want to flee?
Where should I follow you?

summarizes quickly
Did not you hear?
Here I stay,
I want to expect Tristan.
what I command,
the Atonement
equip quickly;
you know, who I told you?

She takes the bottle out of the shrine

And what kind of potion?

This potion!
In the golden bowl
poured him out;
filled she holds him completely.

full of horror receiving the vial
Do I trust the sense?

Be faithful to me!

The potion --- for whom?

Who betrayed me ---


--- drink atonement!

rushing to Isoldes feet
Fright! Save me arms!

very violently
Take care of me,
unfaithful maid!
Do you know the mother?
Arts not?
Do you think that's all
wisely considering
without advice in foreign country
would she have sent me with you?
For pain and wounds
she gave balm,
for evil poisons
For deepest woe,
for the highest suffering
she gave the death potion.
Death, thank her!

hardly her powerful
O deepest woe!

Do you obey me now?

O most suffering!

Are you loyal to me?

The potion?

Mr. Tristan!

Brangäne gets up, startled and confused. Isolde struggles with a terrible effort

to Kurwenal
Mr. Tristan come close!

Kurwenal is going back. Brangaene, barely powerful, turns to the background. Isolde, summing up her whole feeling for decision, moves slowly, with great attitude, to the couch, on whose head end she turns her gaze fixedly to the entrance. --- Tristan enters and remains deferentially at the entrance. --- Isolde is lost in terrible excitement. - Long silence

Desired, Mistress,
what you want.

Would not you know
what I desire,
there's the fear
to fulfill it,
far away my gaze held you?

was watching me.

The honor little
did you offer me;
with strange scorn
you denied
Obedience to my commandment.

Obedience only
kept me under my spell.

So I thanks a little
your master,
advised you to serve
bad habit
against his own husband?

Custom teaches
where I lived:
for the bridal ride
the grower
Shun the bride.

For what kind of care?

Ask the custom!

Since you are so modest,
my lord Tristan,
also a custom
be warned now:
to atone for the enemy,
let him glorify you as a friend.

And what enemy?

Ask your fear!
hovers between us.

She was atoned for.

Not between us!

In the open field
especially people
Urfehde was sworn.

It was not there,
where I hid Tantris,
where Tristan fell to me.
There he stood,
dear and healthy;
but what he swore,
I do not swear:
I have learned to speak.
There in the quiet chamber
he was sick,
mute with the sword
I stood before him:
My mouth was silent
do I banish my hand ---
but what once by hand
and mouth I praised,
I swore to keep silent.
Now I want to take the oath.

What do you swear, woman?

Revenge for Morold!

Are you trying?

Do you dare to sneer?
He was praised to me,
the noble Irish hero;
I had consecrated his weapons;
For me he moved to a fight.
Since he fell,
fell my honor ':
in the heart's gravity
I swore the oath,
would a man not atone for the murder,
I want to make me know this maid.
Sick and dull
in my power,
why did not I beat you there?
You say that yourself with a light touch.
I pave the wound,
that the healers
avenging, the man,
the Isolde took it from him.
Your lot now yourself
do you want to tell yourself!
Since the men can handle it all,
who has to beat Tristan now?

pale and gloomy
Was Morold so worth your while
Now take the sword again
and keep it safe and sound
that you will not forget it!

He hands her his sword

How do I make bad
for your masters;
what would King Marke say
I kill him
the best servant,
the crown and land won him,
the most loyal man?
Do you think so little
what he thanks you for
will you bring the Irish?
him as a bride,
that he did not oil,
I beat the advertiser,
the original feud pledge
so faithfully delivers to him at hand?
True your sword!
Because once I swung it,
as revenge me
wrestled in the bosom,
as your measuring gaze
my picture stole,
if I am Mr. Brand
Taug 'as a husband:
The sword --- I let it sink.
Now let's drink atonement!

She beckons Brangäne. She shudders, hesitates and hesitates in her movement. Isolde drives her with a raised gesture. Brangäne gets ready to prepare the potion

from the outside
Ho! Hey! Ha! Hey!
At the top mast
the sails!
Ho! Hey! Ha! Hey!

starting from gloomy brooding
Where are we?

Hard at the finish!
Tristan, will I win the atonement?
What do you have to say to me?

Silence Mistress
call me silent:
Can I believe what she did not say?
I conceal what she does not grasp.

Your silence I grasp,
do you avoid me?
Do you refuse the atonement for me?

from the outside
Ho! Hey! Ha! Hey!

At Isolde's impatient wink, Brangäne hands her the filled drinking bowl

kicking Tristan with the mug, staring straight into her eyes
You hear the call?
We are at the destination.
In a short time
with a slight sneer
we stand - in front of King Marke.
Do you escort me,
do not you think you're loving,
can you say to him like this:
"My Lord and Ohm,
look at you:
a gentle woman
you never win.
Your Anvil
I killed her once,
I send his head home to her;
the wound that
his weir created me,
she has healed her.
My life was up
in her power:
that gave me
the lovely maid
and her country
Shame and shame
she gave them,
to be your husband.
So good gifts
Thanks a lot
created me a cute
Draft of reconciliation;
that offered me her kindness
to atone for all guilt. "

On the rope!
Anchor go!

wildly boisterous
Get the anchor!
The tax the stream!
The winches sail and mast!
He escapes her the drinking bowl
I do know Ireland
and their arts
Miraculous power.
I use the balm,
she offered:
I take the cup now,
that all of a sudden I genesis.
And pay attention too
the atonement,
which I say thank you!
Tristan's honor ---
highest loyalty!
Tristan's misery ---
boldest defiance!
Deceived the heart!
Dream of the idea!
Ew'ger mourning
one comfort:
Forget about good drink,
I drink you special Wank!

He starts and drinks

Cheating here too?
My half!
She escapes him the cup
Traitor! I'll drink 'em!

She drinks. Then she throws the shell away. Both of them, shuddering, look at each other with the utmost excitement, but with a rigid attitude, unblinking in the eyes, in whose expression the devil soon gives way to the love-fire.
Trembling seizes her. They seize the heart convulsively and put their hands back to their foreheads. Then they look again with the look, sink it confused and fix it again with increasing yearning

in a trembling voice


sinking to his chest
Faithless Holder!

with embers embracing them
Blessed woman!

They remain in mute embrace. From a distance you can hear trumpets

from the outside on the ships
Salvation! King Brand Heil!

who, with averted face, full of confusion and shudder, had leaned over the board, now turns to the sight of the sunken couple in love embrace and desperately plunges in despair in the foreground
Woe! Sore!
ever distress
for a short death!
Tör'ger loyalty
wearful work
flourishes now wailing!

Tristan and Isolde leave the embrace

What was my dream?
of Tristan's honor?

What was my dream?
from Isoldes shame?

You lost me?

You reject me?

Deceptive magic
treacherous trick!

Törigen Zürnens



Sweetest maid!

God damn man!

Like the hearts
heaving uplift!
Like all senses
tremble wondrously!
Yearning minne
swelling flowering,
languishing love
blissful glow!
Jach in the chest
exultant lust!

Isolde won me!

Worlds escaped
you won me!

You only realize,
highest love lust!

The curtains are torn apart; the whole ship is covered with knights and crews, jubilantly waving overboard, towards the shore, which is seen near, crowned with a high castle of rocks. ---
Tristan and Isolde remain lost in their mutual sight, with no perception of what is going on around them

to the women who come up from the ship's cabin at their signal
Quick, the coat,
the royal jewelery!
Crashing between Tristan and Isolde
Unsel'ge! On!
Listen where we are!
She places Isolde, who does not respect it, the king's coat

Salvation! Salvation! Salvation!
King Brand Heil!
Hail to the king!

approaching briskly
Salvation Tristan,
happy hero!
With rich courtesy
there on Nachen
approaching Mr. Brand.
Hey, how the ride pleases him,
that he will release the bride!

looking up in confusion
Who is approaching?

The king!

Which king?

Kurwenal points overboard

waving the hats
Salvation! King Brand Heil!

Tristan stares like no one in the country

in confusion
What is it, Brangäne?
Which reputation?

Isolde! Mistress!
Only today!

Where am I? Do I live?
Ha! Which potion?

The love potion.

Stares horrified at Tristan


Do I have to live?
She falls unconscious to his chest

to the women
Help the mistress!

O blissful deceit!
O consecrated luck!

Outbreak of general jubilation
Hail to the king!
Kornwall Heil!

Trumpets from the countryside. People have climbed overboard, others have laid a bridge, and the attitude of all points to the imminent arrival of the expected. The curtain falls quickly


Garden with tall trees in front of the Isoldes apartment, to which, sideways, steps lead up. Bright, graceful summer night. At the open door a burning torch is attached. Jagdgetön. Brangäne, on the steps of the room, peeks after the increasingly distant and audible hunt. She looks anxiously back into the room where she sees Isolde approaching. To her comes out of the room, fiery, Isolde

Do you still hear her?
The sound was already far away from me.

Still they are close;
clearly it sounds therefore.

Worrying fear
bugs your ear.
You are deceiving the foliage
laughing, the wind shakes.

You are deceiving the desire
to hear what you think.
She listens
I hear the horns sound.

listening again
Not horn sound
sounds so sweet,
of the source gently
trickling wave
roars so blissfully therefore.
How do I hear them,
Do horns still roar?
In the silence of the night
only the source laughs at me.
He's waiting for me
in the silent night,
as if horns still sounded close to you,
Do you want to keep him away from me?

Yours is waiting ---
o hear my warning! ---
of the waiting Scout for the night.
Because you are blind,
do you think the look
the world is dying for you?
There on board ship
of Tristan's shaking hand
the pale bride,
hardly their mighty,
King Brand received,
as everything confused
looked at the wavering,
the kind king,
mild worried,
the hardships of the long journey,
that you suffered, loudly complains':
it was a single,
I'm careful,
only Tristan touches the eye.
With evil cunning,
lurking look
he looks in his face
to find what he wants.
Treacherously listening
I often meet him:
secretly entangling you,
warned Melot!

Do you mean Mr. Melot?
Oh, how you are deceiving!
Is not he Tristan
most faithful friend?
Does my wife have to avoid me,
then he stays alone with Melot.

What suspected me,
makes him expensive!
From Tristan to Brand
is Melot's way;
There he sows bad seeds.
Today in the Council
this nocturnal hunting
so hastily decided fast
a noble game,
as your guess means
their jägerslist applies.

To the friend '
invented this list
out of pity
Melot, the friend.
Now you want to scold the loyal?
Better than you
he cares for me;
he opens it,
what you shut up.
O save me the hesitation distress!
The sign, Brangäne!
O give the sign!
Extinguish the light
last note!
That they are all inclined,
wave of the night.
Already she poured her silence
through grove and house,
already she fills the heart
with cheerful gray.
O now extinguish the light,
delete the shuddering glow
Let my love in!

O leave the warning light,
let the danger show you!
Oh, woe! Woe!
Oh, me poor!
The unhappy potion!
That I am unfaithful
just once
the mistress's will trough!
I obey deaf and blind,
your work
was death then.
But your shame,
your most shameful distress
my work,
Do I have to blame it?

Your work?
O foolish maid!
You did not know Frau Minne?
Not her magic power?
The boldest courage
Of becoming world
life and death
are subject to her,
she weaves out of pleasure and suffering,
to walk in love the envy.
Death's work,
I took it presumptuously to the hand,
Frau Minne has it
my power escapes.
The doomed
took her to pledge,
summed up the work
in her hand.
How she uses it,
how it ends
what they tell me,
where lead me,
I became her own:
num let me show obedience!

And had the minne
treacherous potion
of the mind light you go out,
can not you see
if I warn you:
just listen today,
O hear my supplications!
The danger of shining light,
only today, today
do not extinguish the torch there!

The bosom me
the embers are ignited,
me the heart
me as a day
the soul laughs,
Mrs. Minne wants:
it will be night,
that brightly they light up,
she rushes for the torch
where she scared away your light.
She takes the torch from the door
To the waiting you:
watch there faithfully!
The lamp,
and if it were my life's light ---
I do not hesitate to erase them!

She throws the torch to the ground, where it gradually goes out. Brangäne turns dismayed to climb on an outside staircase the pinnacle, where it slowly disappears. Isolde listens and peers, at first shyly, into a tree walk. Moved by increasing desire, she walks closer to the tree-walk and peers more confidently. She beckons with a cloth, first less often, then more frequently, and finally, in impatient impatience, ever faster. A gesture of sudden delight says that they have become aware of the friend in the distance. She stretches higher and higher, and, to better overlook the room, she hurries back to the stairs, from the top step she waves to the approaching one. Then she jumps to meet him


Isolde! Lover!

Tristan! Beloved!
Stormy embraces of both, under which they come to the fore
Are you mine?

Do I have you again?

May I take you?

Can I trust myself?

Finally! Finally!

On my chest!

Do I really feel you?

Do I see you myself?

This your eyes?

This your mouth?

Here your hand?

Here your heart?

Am I? Is it you?
Will I hold you tight?

Am I? Is it you?
Is not it a mirage?

Is not it a dream?
O delight of the soul,
sweet, dearest,
boldest, most beautiful,
blissful desire!

Without equal!

About Rich!

About Blessed!



never known!

In this exuberant
high nobles!



Supreme sky

My! Tristan my!

My! Isolde my!

My and yours!
Eternal, forever!

How long to stay away!
How far so long!

How close!
As close as far!

O friend of the enemy,
evil distance!
Carrier times
hesitant length!

O far and near,
hard to split!
Close up!
Empty space!

In the dark you,
in the light of me!

The light! The light!
Oh, this light,
how long did not it go out!
The sun sank,
the day passed,
but his envy
he does not stifle:
his shooing sign
he lights
and put it on the dearest door,
that I do not lead to her.

But the dearest hand
put out the light;
why the maid resisted,
I am not afraid:
in Ms. Minnes power and protection
I offered the day Trutz!

The day! The day!
The treacherous day,
the hardest enemy
Hate and lament!
As you the light,
Oh, could I the lamp,
to avenge love's suffering,
the naughty days go out!
Is there a need
is there a pain
he does not wake
with his appearance?
Even at night
dawning splendor
he loves him at the house,
extends it threateningly to me!

Love him
at your own home,
in your own heart
bright and frizzy,
hold him defiantly
once my traitor:
Tristan --- who betrayed me!
Was not it the day
who lied from him,
when he came to Ireland
for brand me too free,
to be faithful to death?

The day! The day,
who umgliss you,
where they are
like the sun,
in highest honor
Shine and light
Isolde caught up with me!
What my eye
so delighted ',
my heart deep
pushes to earth ':
in clear daylight
how was Isolde mine?

Was not she yours,
who chose you?
What the bad guy
that who is granted for you,
the ducks you betrayed?

What you umgliss
with the greatest splendor,
the glory of honor
of glory power,
to hang my heart on them,
The delusion caught me.
The ones with the shimmer
brightest glow
me head and crown
light shone,
the world honors
Day sun,
with her rays
vain delight,
through head and vertex
intruded on me
right down to the heart
deepest shrine.
What was there in chaste night
darkly closed, '
what without knowledge and delusion
dawning there, I recommend:
a picture that my eyes
not to be dared,
affected by the day's glow
It was shimmering open to me.
I'm so honored
seemed and dear,
I boast that
especially army;
especially people
I praised loudly
the earth most beautiful
King bride.
Envy, mine
the day awakens';
the zeal, the
my happiness is frightening ';
the resentment that honors me
and fame began to be heavy:
I defied them,
and faithfully decided
to keep honor and glory,
I drive to Ireland.

O one day servant!
Deceived by him,
who deceived you,
how do I have to love
to suffer for you,
that, in the day
wrong prank,
from his track
where love him
hot included,
in the deepest heart
brightly I hated.
Oh, in the heart
how deeply hurt the wound!
I hid there secretly,
how does he seem so bad to me,
if in the day bills
the faithfully kept one
the love looked down,
as an enemy only stood in front of me!
The traitor
you told me
the light of day
I want to escape,
there in the night
pull you with me,
where the deception ends
my heart promised me;
where the fraud is more anticipated
Delusion dwindles;
there to drink you
eternal minne,
with me you in the club
I want to die for death.

In your hand
the sweet death,
when I recognized him,
she offered me;
as me the idea
dear and sure
showed me what
the atonement promised:
it dawned mild
sergeant power
in the bosom to me the night;
my day was done.

But alas, you were wrong
the wrong potion,
that you again
the night sank;
the one and only death
He gave it back to the day!

O heal the drink!
Heal his juice!
Salvation of his magic
great strength!
By the death gate,
where he flowed to me,
wide and open
he opened up to me,
otherwise I only dreamed,
the wonderland of the night.
From the picture in the heart
sheltering shrine
he shouts of the day
deceptive glow,
that nightight my eye
true to see it.

But it retaliated
the scared day;
with your sins
Advice he plows;
what you showed
the dawning night,
at the day-gestirnes
Kingdom power
you had to hand it over,
in bleak splendor
shimmering to live there.
How could I endure?
How can I still handle it?

Oh, now we were
The treacherous day,
the envy-ready,
we could be separated,
But do not be fooled!
His vain splendor,
his boasting appearance
laugh at who the night
the view consecrated:
his flickering light
fleeting flashes
do not blind us anymore.
Who of death night
looking lovingly,
whom she deepens her
Secret familiar:
of the day lies,
Glory and honor ',
Power and profit,
so shining heer,
like vain dust of the suns
are they spun before!
In the day's vain thoughts
remains to him a single yearning ---
the yearning
for the holy night,
where forever,
only true
Love-joy laughs at him!

Tristan gently pulls Isolde aside on a flower bench, kneels down in front of her and nestles his head in her arm

O sinking down,
Night of love,
that I live;
pick me up
in your lap,
remove from
the world gets rid of me!

Lost now
the last light;

what we thought
what we thought;

all commemoration ---

all remarks ---

holy dusk
dear ancestor
deletes the word gray

Barg in the bosom
us the sun,
shine laughing
Stars of bliss.

From your spell
gently wound,
in front of your eyes
to dissolve sweetly;

Heart to heart you,
Mouth to mouth;

a breath
a single covenant;

my look breaks
the world is turning pale
with their irises:

us the day
dimly lit,

to deceptive delusion

even if
I am the world:
Bliss-the highest weaving,
Love most holy life,
hold conscious wish.

Tristan and Isolde sink into total indolence, in which they rest, leaning back against the flowerbed, head to head

from the pinnacle
Waking up alone
at night,
whom the dream
love laughs,
have the one
Reputation in eight,
the sleepers
Bad thing,
afraid to
Awakening reminds.
Watch out!
Watch out!
Soon the night escapes.

Lausch, beloved!

as well
Let me die!

gradually rising a little bit
Envy guard!

staying leaning back
Never wake up!

But the day
does Tristan have to wake up?

a little raising the head
Leave the day
give way to death!

not violent
Day and death
with the same strokes
should ours
Love to achieve?

Rearing yourself more
Our love?
Tristan's love?
Your 'and mine',
Is that love?
Which death strike
could she ever give way?
Is he standing in front of me,
the mighty death,
how he gave me body
and life threatened ',
I'm so willing
let love,
how about his pranks
to reach love myself?
ever more intimately with his head nestled against Isolde
If I strike her now,
who loves to die,
how could love
die with me,
the everlasting
end up with me?
But never lose his love,
how then will Tristan die
his love?

But our love,
she is not called Tristan
and --- Isolde?
This sweet little word: and,
what it binds,
the love covenant,
when Tristan dies,
Does not death destroy it?

very quiet
What dying death
as what bothers us,
what defends Tristan,
Isolde always to love,
forever you only live?

But this little word: and ---
would it be destroyed,
how different than
with Isoldes own life
would Tristan have given the death?

Tristan, with a meaningful gesture, gently pulls Isolde to him

That's how we die
to be unseparated,
forever united
without end ',
without 'awakening,
without 'pardon,
embraced in love,
given to ourselves,
love only to live!

as if looking up to him in pensive indignation
That's how we die
to be unseparated ---

forever united
without end '---

without 'awakening ---

without 'pardon ---

embraced in love,
given to ourselves,
love only to live!

Isolde, overwhelmed, tends his head to his chest

as previously
Watch out!
Watch out!
Already the day gives way to the night.

smiling to Isolde inclined
Should I listen?

fondlingly looking up to Tristan
Let me die!

more serious
Do I have to wake up?

Never wake up!

Should the day be
still wake Tristan?

Leave the day
give way to death!

The day's dowsing
now did we defy that?

with growing enthusiasm
His deception to flow forever.

His dim glow
did not scare us?

with great gestures quite uplifting
The night would last forever!

Tristan follows her, they embrace in enthusiastic enthusiasm

O every night,
sweet night!
He raised
Night of love!
Who you embrace,
who you laugh,
how would it be without fear
out of you he ever wakes?
Now ban the fear,
good death,
yearning demanded
Love Death!
In your arms,
consecrated to you,
Warming up,
freed from awakening distress!

How they grasp
how they let
this bliss ---

Far from the sun,
far from the days
Separation action!

Without a name ---

gentle tendon;

without fear ---

sweet desire.
Without contractions ---

dear offense.

Without languishing ---

hold umnachts.

Without shunts ---

without sheaths,
trust alone,
forever home,
in unmeasured rooms
übersel'ges dreams.

Tristan you,
I Isolde,
not more Tristan!

You Isolde,
Tristan me,
not more Isolde!

Without naming,
without disconnecting,
new 'recognition,
new 'burning;
eternally endless,
hot burned chest
highest love lust!

They stay in ecstatic position

Brangäne uttered a shriek

crashes in with bared sword
Save yourself, Tristan!

He looks back with horror into the scene behind him. Brand, Melot and Hofleute, in hunting costume, come from the tree vividly to the foreground and hold horrified to the group of lovers opposite.
Brangäne comes down from the pinnacle and rushes towards Isolde. This, with involuntary shame, leans, with averted face, on the flower-bench. Tristan, with an involuntary movement as well, extends his coat broadly with one arm, so that he hides Isolde from the looks of the oncoming ones. In this position he remains for a long time, motionless, staring fixedly at the men, who in different movements fix their eyes on him. Dawn

after a long silence
The barren day
for the last time!

to brand
Thou shalt, sir, tell me
Do I sue him right?
That gave you the pledge I,
Did I protect my head?
I'll show it to you
in fact:
Name and honor '
I have faithfully
Shame on you.

after a deep shock, with a trembling voice
Did you really do it?
Do you think that?
See him there,
the most loyal of all the faithful;
look at him,
the friendliest of friends:
his loyalty
free action
hit my heart
with the most hostile betrayal!
Tempt me Tristan,
should I hope
what his deception
met me,
be by Melot's advice
honestly preserved me?

convulsively violent
Tags ghosts!
Morning dreams!
Deceptive and wild!
Soars! Escapes!

with deep emotion
Me this?
This, Tristan, me? ---
Where faithfulness,
since Tristan cheated on me?
Where does honor go?
and real kind,
hoard of honor,
since Tristan lost her?
The Tristan herself
chose the sign,
where is virtue?
now pay,
since my friend escapes her,
since Tristan betrayed me?
Tristan slowly lowers his eyes to the ground; in his expressions, as brand continues, increasing grief is reading
Why the services
without number,
the honor glory,
the size power,
the brands you won;
have to have 'honor' and fame,
Greatness and power,
had the services
without number
you pay Markes shame?
Clouded too little
thank you,
that what you acquired him,
Fame and empire,
he gave to Erb 'and own you?
Since childless once
his wife disappeared,
that's how he loves you,
that never again '
Brand wants to mate.
There all people
to farm and land
with bitt and tears
penetrated into him,
the queen of the land,
the wife to gravitate;
you yourself
conjured the ohm,
the court's desire,
the country's sake
to fulfill amicably;
in defense against farm and land,
in weir against you,
with cunning and goodness
he refused
until, Tristan, you threatened him,
to avoid forever
Farm and land,
would you yourself
not sent,
to release the bride to the king.
He let it be that way. ---
This wonderful woman,
that won me your courage,
who can see it,
who know it,
who with pride
to call it,
without blessed to praise oneself?
That's my will
never dared to approach
my wish
that's so gorgeous
hold exalted
my soul
had to refresh,
despite enemy and danger,
the princely bride
did you show me
Well, by such
Owned my heart
you create more sensitively
than otherwise the pain,
where the softest,
tender and open,
I would have met
never to hope
that ever i could be healthy:
why so very much,
wound me there now?
There with the weapon
tormenting poison,
the sense and brain
scorching me,
that to my friend
fidelity denied,
my open heart
met with suspicion
that I am now secretly
in the dark night
stalking the friend, stalking
reach my honor end?
The no heaven redeems,
why me this hell?
Who does not atone misery,
why me this shame?
The inscrutable deep
mysterious reason
who tells the world?

compassionately raising the eye to brand
O king, that
I can not tell you;
and what you ask,
you can never know that.
He turns to Isolde, who looks up longingly at him
Where Tristan leaves,
do you want 'Isold' to follow him?
The land that Tristan means
the sun light does not shine:
it is dark
nocturnal land,
from it the mother
sent me,
as, in death
they receive,
in death she left
get to the light.
What, since she gave birth to me,
her love mountains were,
the wonderland of the night,
from which I once awakened;
Tristan offers you that
He goes ahead:
if she follows him
faithful and hold ---
Tell him Isold!

As for a foreign country
the friend advertised her once,
the fiend
loyal and hold
you have to follow 'Isolde.
Now you are leading in your own,
your heir to me to go;
how do I whisper the land,
that spans the world?
Where Tristan's house and home,
there 'Isolde enters:
on which they follow
loyal and
show the way Isold!

Tristan leans over her slowly and kisses her gently on the forehead. --- Melot drives up angrily

pulling the sword
Traitor! Ha!
For revenge, king!
Do you tolerate this disgrace?

pulls his sword, and turns around quickly
Who dares to live his life on mine?
He fixes his eyes on Melot
My friend was the,
he mourned me high and expensive;
for honor and fame
He worried me like no one else.
To cockiness
did he drive my heart;
the crowd is leading,
who pushed me
Honor and glory to me,
to marry the king!
Your look, Isolde,
also blinds him:
out of zeal betrayed
me the friend
the king I betrayed!
He invades Melot
Defend yourself, Melot!

When Melot reaches for his sword, Tristan drops his and sinks into Kurwenal's arms, wounded. Isolde lunges at his chest. Brand holds Melot back. The curtain falls quickly


Castle garden. On one side high castle buildings, on the other hand a low wall parapet, interrupted from a waiting-room; in the background the castle gate. The location is to be assumed at rocky height; through openings you look out over a wide sea horizon. The whole thing gives the impression of being worthless, badly maintained, here and there damaged and overgrown. In the foreground, on the inner side, lies Tristan, sleeping under the shade of a large linden, resting on a couch as though lifeless. Kurwenal sits at his head, bent over him in pain, listening carefully to his breath. On the outside, when you put on the curtain, you hear a shepherd's dance, wistfully and sadly blown on a shawm. The shepherd himself appears with the abdomen over the wall parapet and looks in sympathetically

Kurvenal! Hey!
Say, Kurwenal!
Listen, friend!
Kurwenal turns his head slightly towards him
Is not he still watching?

shakes her head sadly
He awoke,
it would only be
to leave forever:
appeared before
not the doctor,
the only thing that helps us. ---
Did not you see anything yet?
No ship nor at sea?

Another way
Then did you hear
as funny as I can.
Well, honestly,
old friend:
What's wrong with our Lord?

Leave the question:
You can never know.
Eager to see,
and you see a ship,
so play fun and bright!

The shepherd turns and peers, with his hand over his eyes, towards the sea

Dull and empty the sea!

He puts the shawm on his mouth and blows away

motionless, dull
The old way ---
what does she wake me up?

opens in shock

opens her eyes and turns her head slightly
Where am I?

Ha! This voice!
His voice!
Tristan, Herre!
My hero, my Tristan!

with effort
Who is calling me?

Finally! Finally!
Life, oh life!
Sweet life,
New to my Tristan!

rising a little on the bed, dull
Kurwenal --- you?
Where was I?
Where am I?

Where are you?
In peace, safe and free!
Kareol, Lord
do you know the castle?
the fathers not?

Of my fathers?

Just look around!

What sounded to me?

The shepherd's way
did you hear again?
from the hill
he looks after your flock.

My herd?

Lord, that's me!
Your the house,
Courtyard and castle!
The people, faithful
the trusty gentleman,
as good as it could,
has maintained his house and yard,
that once was my hero
to inheritance and own
given to people and people,
when he left everything,
to move into foreign country.

In which country?

Hei! To Cornwall:
bold and happy,
what is there splendor,
Luck and honor
Tristan, my hero!

Am I in Kornwall?

Not at all: in Kareol!

How did I come here?

Hey now! How did you come?
You did not ride on horseback;
a ship led you here.
But to the ship
here on the shoulders
I carried you; --- they are wide,
They carried you there to the beach.
Now you are at home, at home on land:
in the real country,
in the homecountry;
on own willow and bliss,
in the light of the old sun,
in it of death and wounds
you should be healthy.

He clings to Tristan's chest

after a little silence
Do you think that?
I know it differently,
but I can not tell you.
Where I woke up ---
I do not dwell
but where I was,
I can not tell you that.
I did not see the sun,
yet I saw land and people:
yet, what I saw
I can not tell you that.
I was,
where have I ever been,
wherever I go
in the wide realm
the world night.
Only a knowledge
there own us:
divine ew'ges
How did his idea disappear?
Longing reminder,
Do I call you,
the new to the light
of the day driven me?
What was left to me,
a hot-fervently loving,
from death-bliss-horror
chase me, to look the light,
the bland light and golden
still you, Isolden, seems!
Kurwenal, haunted by horror, hides his head. Tristan gradually becomes more and more oriented
Isolde yet
in the realm of the sun!
In the daylight
still Isolde!
What a yearning!
What a fear!
To see you,
what desire!
I hear a crash
behind me
already of death
Tor close:
far now it stands
open again,
the sun's rays
blow it up;
with brightly opened eyes
I have to dive into the night ---
to look for them,
To see you;
to find them,
in the only one
to pass away
to disappear
Tristan is granted.
Woe, now grow,
pale and bang,
me of the day
wild urge;
glaring and deceptive
his star
awakens to deceit
and delusion my brain!
Damn day
with your glow
Do you ever grow?
my pain?
Burn them forever,
this lamp,
the self at night
from her scared me?
Oh, Isolde,
sweet Holde!
When finally,
when, oh when
do you clear the ignition,
that she would tell me my luck?
The light --- when does it extinguish?
He sinks back exhausted quietly
When will it be night in the house?

after great shock from the stifling uplifting
The one I defy, '
out of good faith to you,
with you after her
now I have to yearn.
Believe my word:
you should see her
here and now;
I can give you the comfort ---
she is only alive herself.

very dull
The light is not extinguished yet,
it was not yet night in the house:
Isolde lives and watches;
she called me out of the night.

Does she live,
so let hope make you laugh!
Must Kurwenal be stupid,
You should not scold him today.
How dead did you lie
since that day,
there Melot, the wicked,
you hit a wound.
The bad wound,
how do you cure?
To me, a broken man
it seems there,
who once you Morolds
Wound closed,
he easily cured the plagues,
beaten by Melots weir.
The best doctor
soon I found;
I've got to Kornwall
a faithful man
probably over the sea
bring you Isolde.

Isolde is coming!
Isolde is approaching!
He is fighting for language, as it were
O loyalty! noble,
fair loyalty!
He pulls Kurwenal and hugs him
My Kurwenal,
you trusted friend!
You faithful without wavering,
How should Tristan thank you?
My shield, my umbrella
in fight and fight,
to pleasure and suffering
always ready for me:
who i hated,
you hated that;
who I am,
the minntest you.
The good brand,
I serve him,
how did you trust him more than gold?
I have to betray
the noble gentleman,
how do you like to cheat him so much!
You do not own,
only mine,
do you suffer with,
when I suffer:
only what I suffer
you can not stand that!
This terrible yearning,
that makes me happy;
this languishing burning,
that feeds me;
I want to tell you,
could you know it:
not here would you be,
to the wait you should hurry ---
with all your senses
longing for it
look for and peer
where their sails are puffing,
where before the winds,
to find me
fueled by the love urge,
Isolde steers to me! ---
It is approaching! It is approaching
with courageous haste!
She blows, she blows ---
the flag on the mast.
The ship! The ship!
There it sweeps the reef!
Do not you see it?
Kurwenal, do not you see it?

When Kurwenal, in order not to leave Tristan, hesitates, and he looks at him in silent suspense, he hears, as if at first, closer, then further, the shepherd's solemn manner

No ship is yet to be seen!

has listened with decreasing excitement and now begins with growing melancholy
Do I have to understand you like this,
you old serious way,
sounded with your lament?
By evening labor
she urged,
than once to the child
proclaimed the father's death.
By dawn
bang and banger
as the son
the mother heard lot.
Since he testifies and died,
she gave birth to me dying.
The old way
of longing
to you probably
also plaintively urged
who once asked me
and now asks me:
to which lot chose
I was born then?
To which lot?
The old way
tell me again
I long --- and die!
No! Oh no!
That's not her name!
Crave! Crave!
Dying to crave me,
not to die of longing!
The never dies,
craving now calls
for the sake of dying
to the distant doctor. ---
I lay dying
dumb in the boat,
the wound poison
close to the heart:
Longing plaintively
sounded the way;
the wind blew the sail
to Ireland's child.
The wound, the
healing her,
Tore with the sword
they go again;
but then the sword ---
let her sink;
she gave the poison potion
to drink me:
as I hoped
to recover completely,
there was the most intense
Magic selected:
that never should I die,
to pass on eternal torment
The potion! The potion!
The terrible potion!
How from the heart to the brain
he angrily penetrated me!
No salvation can now,
no sweet death
ever freed me
from yearning distress;
nowhere, alas nowhere
I find peace:
I'm throwing the night
the day,
for ever to my sufferings
to feed the sun's eye.
Oh, this sun
scorching jet,
how does my brain burn?
his ardent agony!
For this heat
hot smirk,
oh, no shade
cooling umnachten!
For this pain
terrible pain,
which balm should
lend me Lindrung?
The terrible potion,
the torment trusts me,
myself --- myself,
I brewed it!
From father's distress
and mother-in-law,
from love tears
ever and ever ---
with laughter and crying,
Wins and wounds
I have the potion
Poisons found!
I brewed,
that flowed to me,
the bellowing
I ever enjoyed ---
damn it, terrible potion!
Damn, who brewed you!

He sinks back unconscious

who in vain sought Tristan to moderate cries in horror
My Lord Tristan!
Terrible spell!
O Minnetrug!
O love compulsion!
The world's most beautiful delusion,
how is it done for you!
Here he lies,
the cheerful man,
who loved and remembered like no one else.
Now look what's up to him
she won thanks,
what ever minne wins!
With a sobbing voice
Are you dead now?
Are you still alive?
Did the curse kidnap you?
He listens to his breath
O bliss! No!
He's upset, he's alive!
How gently he touches his lips!

slowly coming to himself again
The ship? Do not you see it yet?

The ship? Certainly,
it is still approaching today;
it can not line up anymore.

And then Isolde,
how she beckons,
how they hold
drinking atonement.
Do you see her?
Do not you see her yet?
How happy you are,
dear and mild
of the sea climes?
On blissful flowers
light waves
she comes gently
pulled ashore.
She smiles at me
and sweet peace,
she leads me last
Refreshment too.
Oh, Isolde, Isolde!
How beautiful are you!
And Kurwenal, how,
you do not see her?
Up to the waiting,
you stupid git!
What so bright and light I see,
that you can not escape!
Do not you hear me?
To wait quickly!
Hurry to the waiting room!
Are you to the Stell '?
The ship? The ship?
Isolden's ship?
You have to see it!
Have to see it!
The ship? Do not you still see it?

While Kurwenal is still hesitantly wrestling with Tristan, the shepherd lets the shawm sound from the outside.

jumps joyfully to
O bliss! Joy!
He rushes to the control room and peeks out, breathless
Ha! The ship!
From the north I see it approaching.

in growing enthusiasm
Did not I know?
Do not I
say it still lives,
nor does life weave me?
only contains me ,
how would Isolde
me out of the world?

Recalling KURWENAL
from the
control room, shouting Heiha! Heiha!
How it bravely controls!
How strong the sail is!
How it hunts, how it flies!

The flag? The flag?

The joy flag
on the pennant funny and bright!

TRISTAN (standing
upright on the
bed) Hahei! Of joy!
Hell in the day
to me Isolde!
Isolde to me!
Do you see her yourself?

Now the ship disappeared
behind the rock.

Behind the reef?
Is it dangerous?
There the surf rages
, the ships fail!
The tax, who leads?

The safest sailor.

Did he betray me?
Would he be Melots comrade?

him like me!

traitors too you!
Do you see her again?

Not yet.


Heiha! Hei ha ha ha ha!
Past! Past!
Happy over!

Kurwenal, hei ha ha ha,
most loyal friend!
All my belongings are
inherited today.

You are approaching in flight.

Are you finally seeing her?
Do you see Isolde?

It's her! She waves!

O blessed woman!

In the harbor of Kiel!
Isolde, ha!
With a jump
she jumps from the board to land.

Down from the
control room , idle gawk!
Down! Down
to the beach!
Help her! Help my wife!

I carry you up:
trust my arms!
But you, Tristan,
stay faithfully by my bed.

Kurwenal hurries away


in the highest excitement on the camp struggling
O this sun!
Ha, this day!
Ha, this bliss
sunniest day!
Hunting blood,
exulting courage!
Lust without crowds,
happy lawn!
On the camp bans
how they endure?
Well, and
where the hearts beat!
Tristan the hero,
in rejoicing power,
risen from death !
He straightens himself up
With bleeding wounds
, I once fought Morold,
with bleeding wound
I hunt myself today Isolds!
He rips the dressing of the wound on
Heia, my blood!
Funny now flow!
He jumps down from the camp and staggers forward, forever closing
my wound
she approaches like a hero,
she approaches me to salvation!
Forgive the world of
my exulting rush!

He stumbles to the middle of the stage

from the outside
Tristan! Beloved!

in the most terrible excitement
How do I hear the light?
The light, ha!
The light goes out!
To her, to her!

Isolde rushes in breathless. Tristan, unable to do so, rushes to meet her. In the middle of the stage they meet; she receives him in her arms. Tristan sinks slowly in her arms

Tristan! Ha!

looking up at her dying

He dies

Ha! It's me, it's me,
sweetest friend!
Come on,
hear my call again!
Isolde exclaims:
Isolde came
to die faithfully with Tristan.
Will you stay silent?
Only an hour,
only an hour
stay awake!
woke so anxiously
for an hour
to keep watch with you:
is Isolden cheating,
is she cheating on Tristan
for this single,
everlastingly short
last world happiness?
The wound? Where?
Let her heal me!
That wondrous and dear
the night we share;
not at the wound,
at the wound do not die me:
united the two of us dying
the light of life!
Broken the view!
Still the heart!
Not a breath of
life! ---
Does she now
have to stand in front of you,
bravely came to wed you courageously over the sea?
Too late!
Defiant man!
Do you punish me like that
with the hardest spell?
Without the grace of
my suffering blame? Can not I
Only once, oh!
only once again! ---
Tristan! --- Ha! ---
Listen! He is watching!

She falls unconscious over the body along

Kurvenal was immediately returned behind Isolde; speechless in terrible shock he attended the performance and stared motionless at Tristan. From the depths you can now hear dull murmurs and clanking weapons. The shepherd comes over the wall

hastily and quietly turns to Kurwenal
Kurwenal! Listen!
A second ship.

Kurwenal gets up violently and looks over the parapet, while the shepherd shakes from afar on Tristan and Isolde sees

KURWENAL erupting
in rage
death and hell!
Everything at hand!
Brand and melot
I realized.
Weapons and stones!
Help me!At the gate!

He rushes with the shepherd to the gate, which they seek to

bury in their haste. THE TAXMAN
rushes in.
Mark me
with man and people:
forgiven weir!
We are mastered.

Stand up and help!
As long as I live,
no one peeps in!

Isolde from below ! Mistress!

Brangänes reputation?
Calling up
What are you looking for here?

not shut up , Kurwenal!
Where is Isolde?

Do you betray yourself?
Alas, wicked!

Back, you gate!
Do not stop there!

furiously rising
Heiahaha! The day
I meet you!
Melot, with gunmen, appears under the gate. Kurwenal lunges at him and stretches him to the ground
Die, shameful wretch!

Woe to me, Tristan!

He dies

Kurwenal! Mad!
Listen, you are cheating!

To his
own! Follow me!
Throw it back!

they fight

holding, madder!
Are you out of your mind?

KURWENAL Death is raging
Nothing else, King,
is here to fetch:
do you want to pound him, so come!

He invades the brand and its entourage

appearing under the gate with entourage
Back! Maniac!

has swung sideways over the wall and rushes to the foreground
Isolde! Mistress!
Happiness and salvation!
What do I see? Ha!
Are you alive? Isolde!

She struggles for Isolde. Kurwenal with his followers has driven back from the goal with his followers and penetrates

O deception and delusion!
Tristan, where are you?

badly wounded, sways before the mark after the foreground
Since he lies ---
here --- where I lie ---.

He sinks at Tristan's feet together

Tristan! Tristan!
Isolde! Sore!

KURWENAL grasping
Tristan's hand
Tristan! Trauter!
Do not scold me
that loyalty comes with you!

He dies

Dead everything!
Everything dead!
My hero, my Tristan!
Dearest friend,
even today
you have to betray the friend?
Today, where he comes
to prove the highest fidelity to you?
Awake! Awake!
Awaken my woe!
Sobbing over the corpse bending down
you faithful friend!

who brought Isolde back to her arms
She wakes! She lives!
Isolde! Hear me,
hear my atonement!
The potion's secret
I discovered to the king:
with care
he set sail
to reach
you, to renounce you,
to feed you the friend.

Why, Isolde,
why me?
Because brightly reveals to me
what previously I could not grasp,
how blessed that the friend
I found free from guilt!
To the
marry man to marry you,
with full sails
I flew after you.
But unhappy
how does he achieve peace?
The harvest I multiply death,
the delusion heaped the misery.

Do not you hear us?
Isolde! Traute!
Are not you feeling loyal?

Isolde, who hears nothing around her, fixes her eye with growing enthusiasm on Tristan's body

Mild and quiet
how he smiles, how he holds
the eye
open ---
see ye's friends?
Do not you see it?
Always lighter
as he shines,
Do not you see it?
As the heart
swells him courageously,
full and hot
in the bosom he swells?
As the lips,
sweetly mild,
sweet breath
gently wanders ---
friends! Look!
Do not you feel and see?
I hear only
this way,
that so wondrous
and quiet, wailing
saying everything, sounding
mildly reconciling
to it,
penetrated into me,
swinging on itself,
sounding ringing
around me sounded?
Heller uproariously
me umwallend,
there are waves
of gentle breezes?
Are they waves of
happy scents?
As they swell,
whisper to me,
should I breathe,
should I listen?
Should I sip,
go underground?
Sweet in scents
breathe me?
In the surging torrent,
in the sound of sound, drowning
in the world-breath of
wafting all --- sink --- unconsciously --- highest desire!

Isolde, as if transfigured, gently sinks into Tristan's body in Brangande's arms. Emotion and detachment among the bystanders. Brand blesses the corpses. The curtain is falling slowly