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Durch die Walder durch die Auen

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Der Freischütz


Carl Maria von Weber




Der Freischütz Synopsis


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Jonas Kaufmann: Weber - Der Freischütz, 'Durch die Wälder, durch die Auen'

Singer: Jonas Kaufmann

Jonas Kaufmann (born 10 July 1969) is a German operatic tenor. Although he has sung a variety of leading roles including both the Mozart and Wagner repertoire, he is particularly known for his performances in spinto roles such as Don José in Carmen, Cavaradossi in Tosca, Maurizio in Adriana Lecouvreur, and the title role in Don Carlos...

Lyrics & English Translation

No, no longer can I carry the torment,
The fear that steals every hope!
For what debt must I pay?
What devotes my head to bad luck?

Through the woods, through the pastures
Went I with light heart;
All that I could behold
Was a prize of my sure barrel.
Nightly I brought rich treasures,
And like over her own luck,
Threatening to the murderer,
Rejoiced in Agathe's gaze of love!

Has caution turned its eyes completely?
Should the destruction take hold of me?
Do I fall into Chance's hand?

Doubtless, now is the window open,
And she listens for my stride,
Empty not her faithful hopes:
Max brings with him good tokens!
If the rustling leaves move,
No doubt she imagines that it is my foot;
Jumps for joy, motions towards me...
Only the leaves receive her love's greeting.
But dark deeds ensnare me!
Despair pulls me, torturing mockery...
Oh does no ray shine through these nights?
Does fate rule blind?
Despair pulls me, torturing mockery...

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Durch die Wälder, durch die Auen
Zog ich leichten Sinns dahin;
Alles, was ich konnt' erschauen,
War des sichern Rohrs Gewinn,
Abends bracht' ich reiche Beute,
Und wie über eignes Glück,
Drohend wohl dem Mörder, freute
Sich Agathens Liebesblick!

Hat denn der Himmel mich verlassen?
Samiel tritt, fast bewegungslos, im Hintergrund einen Schritt aus dem Gebüsch
Die Vorsicht ganz ihr Aug' gewandt?
mit verzweiflungsvoller Gebärde
Soll das Verderben mich erfassen?
Verfiel ich in des Zufalls Hand?
Samiel verschwindet wieder
Jetzt ist wohl ihr Fenster offen,
Und sie horcht auf meinen Tritt,
Lässt nicht ab vom treuen Hoffen;
Max bringt gute Zeichen mit!
Wenn sich rauschend Blätter regen,
Wähnt sie wohl, es sei mein Fuss;
Hüpft vor Freuden, winkt entgegen -
Nur dem Laub, nur dem Laub den Liebesgruss.
Samiel schreitet im Hintergrund mit grossen Schritten langsam über die Bühne
Doch mich umgarnen finstre Mächte!
Mich fasst Verzweiflung! foltert Spott! -
O dringt kein Strahl durch diese Nächte?
Herrscht blind das Schicksal? Lebt kein Gott?
Samiel, schon ganz an der entgegengesetzten Seite, macht bei dem letzten Worte eine zuckende Bewegung und ist verschwunden
Mich fasst Verzweiflung! foltert Spott!

Max. Kaspar, herbeischleichend. Samiel, grösstenteils unsichtbar. Ein Schenkmädchen.

sobald Max ihn gewahr wird
Da bist du ja noch, Kamerad. Gut, dass ich dich finde.

English Libretto or Translation:

Through the forests, through the meadows
I used to go with a light heart;
Everything I could set eyes on
Was winnings for my sure barrel.
At evening I brought back a rich bag,
And as if over her own luck,
Dangerous as it was for the slayer,
Agatha's loving gaze rejoiced.

Has heaven forsaken me then?
Samiel, almost motionsless, takes a step out of the bushes in the background.
Foresight turned away its eyes?
in desperation
Must ruin overtake me?
Have I fallen into the hands of chance?

Samiel disappears again

Her window is open now,
And she is listening for my step;
Do not let real hopes be:
Max brings good omens with him!
When the leaves rustle and stir,
She will know it is my feet;
Jumps for joy, waves towards me –
But her loving greeting is only for the leaves.
In the background Samiel walks across the stage with long steps.
But powers of darkness are weaving about me.
Despair clutches, mockery torments me!
O will no ray pierce through this night?
Does fate rule blind? Is there no God?
Samiel, now at the opposite side, makes a convulsive gesture at the last word and vanishes.
Despair clutches, mockery torments me!

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